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Dave Crookes Fishery at Hunstrete Arial Shot

Notice to BAA Members

Notice to be BAA members.

The BAA committee has been notified that members are arriving at Hunstrete and queuing in the early hours of the morning.

Notices regarding this matter were posted previously stating that arriving before opening times is not acceptable.

15 minutes before opening times is the earliest acceptable time to arrive.

Please switch off engines and radios etc. and remain in your vehicles to keep disturbance to a minimum.

This situation will be monitored and opening times will be changed to 8am if early arriving persists or complaints are received from local residents.

BAA Committee

May 1st and 2nd Over Night Results

Peg 34 Roy Barns

22lb 6oz mirror

30lb 4oz mirror

total 52lb 10oz

Peg 24 Mark Pritchard

26lb common

24lb 12oz mirror

total 50lb 12oz

Peg 1 Darren Mcnamara

18lb mirror

32lb 4oz mirror

total 50lb 4oz

Peg 25 Gary Budd

20lb common

25lb 12oz mirror

total 45lb 12oz

Peg 7 Ben Cannock

41lb mirror Called The Italian

Peg 10 Dan

35lb 5oz Called Jaffa

James Buckle

24lb 10 common

Peg 31 Ben

24lb mirror

Peg 41 Roger Morris

24lb Mirror

Peg 6 Jo Read

23lb common

Peg 8 Ben Metcalfe

22lb mirror

Peg 5 Craig Bastin

19lb mirror

Peg 20 Neil Evans

15lb Mirror

Peg 35 Gary

13lb mirror

18 fish caught

Total 440lb 4oz

Committee Announcements

Combat Algae

To BAA members.

If you have any unused keepnets in reasonable condition
and you wish to donate them to the Association it would be
much appreciated.

Old nets have proved to be a good method of holding straw
in the lakes to combat blue/green algae.

BAA Committee

Dave Crookes Fishery at Hunstrete Arial Shot

Hunstrete Lakes Health Warning

Hunstrete Lakes Health Warning

B/ue / Green Algae is present in the lakes of the Hunstrete Complex, members are strongly advised to wash hands after making contact with the waters and with fish immediately and prior to eating food or drinks. It is also advised that you wash your hands before to going home.

BAA Committee

Thursday 08/04/2021 – Bathampton AA – Over 55’s and Short Walks – Bridge Pool

Thursday, 8 April 2021

Thursday 08/04/2021 - Bathampton AA - Over 55's and Short Walks - Bridge Pool


Even though the weather again was going to be cold it was one of the best turnouts for many years with 28 fishing. Because the fishing is very poor in certain areas - mainly the far end - we decided  to have 4 sections of 7 paying top overall and a Silvers in each. As it happened it was the right decision. 

Nice to see Bob "MD" Feltham and his sidekick Turkey coming back to the coffin Dodgers.

I had my usual walk around - definitely going to be hard so my thinking was pegs near to car park would be best.

Dave Gillard got the draw underway and I was shouted peg 14 - happy with this as its a good waggler peg - pictured.

For company I had Mark Tanner on peg 15 and Tony Ponting peg 13.

I set up the waggler, but was disappointed to find the wind all wrong so would have to work hard at it. For the pole at two barrels where I found 7 foot was a 4x16 Winter Titan. I also set up a margin rig to fish LR's over micro and DR's.

I fed the long pole line with a large ball of GB laced with DR's. Fed the waggler line with loose LR's and the margin.

Started on the over the GB with single LR and had a few 2 - 4 oz Skimmers. This was soon disrupted by a 1 lb F1. Re-fed the laced GB and picked up the waggler and was annoyed to find lots of line under the water which I was catching (forget Bamblegate now Linegate), adding the wind made things difficult. I had a couple of F1's and then hooked a decent Carp which took an age to get in mainly due to it snagging me. Thought I had lost it so let the line slack and YES it came out - an important fish today. Tried the margin and had one tiny Perch and a Skimmer so that was abandoned in favour of the longer line I had a couple of better Skimmers which I must say were in very poor condition. As soon as the wind lapsed I would try the waggler then switch back to the pole after topping up. I had another six F1's - 3 from each line plus a 2 lb Carp on the waggler.

I weighed overall 29lb 9oz and my Silvers 9 lb. So double bubble section. My Silvers was 2nd overall and my overall weight 3rd, so good day.


The match was won by Paul Barnfield (pictured with the Silvers winner) with 51lb 8 oz from peg 24. Paul caught mostly F1's fishing long over to the island. 

Bob Feltham (pictured right giving the winner a forearm smash) won the Silvers with 14lb 8oz from peg 25. His catch included a couple of the better Skimmers. Bob fished either single or double maggot hook bait.


A Section:

1. Pete Turner Peg 5 & Rod Dufferty Peg 3 both 4-14-0

Silvers: Wayne Storey 3-07-0 peg 8 peg 8

B Section:

1. Mike Nicholls 29-09-0 peg 14

Silvers: Paul Clayton 8-0-0 peg 16

C Section:

1. Paul Barnfield 51-08-0 peg 24

Silvers: Bob Feltham 14-08-0 peg 25

D Section:

1. Hughie Evans 12-12-0 peg 29

Silvers: Dave Wride 3-07-0 peg 34

Weigh Sheets:

April 3rd and 4th 2021 Overnight Results

Peg 33 Lewis Gray

Mirror 35lb 4oz  JAFFA

Common 28lb 4oz

Total 63lb 8oz

Peg 1 Mitch Gillam

Common 14lb

Common 28lb 4oz

Mirror 17lb

Total 59lb 4oz

Peg 32 Steve Rowe

Mirror 27lb

Mirror 27lb

Total 54lb

Peg 24 Phil Brown

Common 30lb 2oz

Peg 28 Reece Patchett

Mirror 27lb

Peg 29 Warren Ciddelapaz

Mirror 21lb

Peg 30 James Patchett

Mirror 20lb 3oz

11 fish caught

Total weight 275lb 1oz