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Dave Crookes Fishery at Hunstrete Arial Shot

Notice to BAA Members

Notice to be BAA members.

The BAA committee has been notified that members are arriving at Hunstrete and queuing in the early hours of the morning.

Notices regarding this matter were posted previously stating that arriving before opening times is not acceptable.

15 minutes before opening times is the earliest acceptable time to arrive.

Please switch off engines and radios etc. and remain in your vehicles to keep disturbance to a minimum.

This situation will be monitored and opening times will be changed to 8am if early arriving persists or complaints are received from local residents.

BAA Committee

July 10th 11th 2021 Overnight fishing results Hunstrete

Darren Mc Namara

3 fish caught

25 lb mirror

17lb mirror

26lb mirror

total 68lb

G Partridge

3 fish caught

21.08lb mirror

16.08lb mirror

17lb mirror

total 55lb

C Richards

2 fish caught

23lb common

27.14lb mirror

total 50.14lb

D Astin

2 fish caught

21lb mirror

22lb mirror

total 43lb

B Williams

1 fish caught

24lb mirror

R Barnes

22.8lb mirror

M Pritchard

21lb mirror

A Coleman

19.8lb mirror

J Mitchell

19lb mirror


15lb Common

D Roderick

13lb mirror

Total fish caught 17

Total weight caught 350.14lb

Thursday 01/07/2021 – Bathampton AA – Over 55’s and Short Walks – Bridge Pool

Thursday 01/07/2021 – Bathampton AA – Over 55’s and Short Walks – Bridge Pool


Last minute decision to fish today as I had planned to watch the local cricket 20/20 derby match, Somerset v Gloucestershire, which we cancelled due to some mates having to self isolate. My team won! 

Arrived in plenty of time for my usual wander round. The Pool looked in good nick with plenty of fish showing. I fancied peg 1 near the aerator. Good turn out of 25.

Dave Gillard pulled me peg 31, an area I just can’t get away from. For company I had Dave Poole on 32 and Dave Haines peg 30. This use to be a good area for a few better Carp, but not nowadays due to them being removed, just a handful left.

I set up the waggler for over to the opposite island incase of a struggle, not for F1’s as they don’t seem to hold up here, but Silvers. Then a short and long Ronnie rigs. The pole stayed in the case.


I fed the waggler line with LR’s and both short and long Ronnie lines with neat GB. Started on the short line with single LR and caught Ronnie’s straight away and had a really good couple of hours catching mainly Ronnie’s to 3 oz with a smattering of Perch which seem to have grown on some this year. Went out on the long rig and had two Skimmers one good one, I was soon back on the short line as the wait for a bite was far too long to catch similar size fish. I kept the GB going in on both lines and had a cast on the waggler and again was catching the same size fish and with the wind picking up it was soon retired. Back on the short line and found it quiet and was soon to find some F1’s had moved in over the GB and had three very quickly, still the Silvers were being canny so set up a paste rig and have two more F1’s then back on the Ronnie rig and started to catch again. As the match progressed the harder it became so by switching around I kept a few more coming including another decent Skimmer. Had there still been any number of Carp left in the Pool I would have one, very few caught today. I think it needs restocking with a mix of 2-3lb Carp. 

My Silvers weighed 20 lb 12 oz for a section Silvers win and top Silvers on the day. The five F1’s weighed 8 lb 7 oz definitely growing.

The match was won by Dave Wride (pictured with the Silvers winner) with 53 lb 10 oz from peg 27. Dave caught “on the pole in the water”.

Back to the pub with the usual suspects. Getting use to this table service one positive to come out of the epidemic.


A Section:

1. Bob Feltham 48-0-0 peg 1

Silvers: Paul Clayton 12-09-0 peg 6

B Section:

1. Rob Baker 38-0-0 peg 19

Silvers: Phil Morgan 9-04-0 peg 17

C Section:

1. Dave Wride 53-10-0 peg 27

Silvers: Paul Barnfield 13-06-0 peg 24

D Section:

1. Paul Haines 36-12-0 peg 29

Silvers: Mike Nicholls 20-12-0 peg 31

Weigh Sheets:

June 26th 27th 2021 Overnight results

Mitch 8 fish caught and 4 lost

22lb 2oz mirror 20:00 Saturday

16lb mirror 21:30 Saturday

30lb 2oz mirror 23:00 Saturday

23lb 10oz mirror 23:30 Saturday

23lb 12oz mirror 1:00 Sunday

25lb mirror 2:30 Sunday

27lb 10oz mirror 3:00 Sunday

21lb 8oz mirror 3:30 Sunday

Total 190lb 2oz


T. Crispin 2 fish caught

24lb mirror 20:30 Saturday

29lb common 4:00 Sunday

Total 53lb

R.Bessell 3 fish caught

15lb common 11:00 Saturday

17lb common 1:00 Sunday

20lb common 2:30 Sunday

Total 52lb

L.Fitzgerald 2 fish caught

22lb mirror 23:30 Saturday

22lb common 1:00 Sunday

Total 44lb

S.Davis 2 fish caught

16lb mirror 21:30 Saturday

23lb 10oz mirror 23:00 Saturday

Total 39lb 10oz

J.Willis 2 fish caught

15lb common 20:00 Saturday

21lb mirror 1:00 Sunday

Total 36lb

M.Morean 1 fish caught
34lb 4oz mirror 12:30 Sunday

S.Smitch 1 fish caught
25lb mirror 0:00 Sunday

Scott Fry 1 fish caught
19lb 10oz mirror 21:30 Saturday

R.Duncan 1 fish caught

23lb 8oz mirror 20:30 Saturday

Total fish caught 23

Total weight caught 517lb 2oz

Walk for life Saturday 18th September 2021

Walk of Life 2021 blue
Hi Bathampton Angling Association

The Walk of Life is back!

Join us on Saturday 18 September for the countryside-stepping canal walk with family and friends. Taking place along the Kennet & Avon Canal, there are two distances to choose from, the 26.2 mile marathon and 10 miles. Both victoriously cross the finish line in Bath. You’ll be guaranteed beautiful views, narrowboats and nature to boot!

Sign up today for £15 and make every step matter for patients, families and staff at your local NHS hospital. Team entry available.

Walk 26.2 or 10 miles on Saturday 18 September for the RUH Bath


If you’d prefer to go at your own pace, you can take on your own 26.2 miles throughout the whole month of September as part of our virtual challenge. Perfect for all the family!

What you’ll receive:

  • A Team RUH t-shirt
  • Your own online fundraising page
  • Fundraising materials and support, anytime you need it
  • Dedication sign to let everyone know why you’re walking
  • Complimentary water and snacks along the way (canal walk only)
  • Access to the Walk of Life Facebook Group and Spotify playlist
  • Walk of Life finisher’s medal!

WOL21 characters

The last year has highlighted just how amazing our NHS is, but the RUH Bath still needs our help.

RUH staff are there for us every day, no matter what and over the last year and half they have been working tirelessly every day to support patients, families, and each other throughout one of the most challenging times in the history. They have never stopped going the extra mile for us, and now it’s our turn.

Every step you take will help make a difference to patient lives, when they need us most and continue to support our staff beyond the crisis. You’ll make it possible to fund lifesaving equipment and ground breaking research, as well as patient and staff wellbeing initiatives and the creation of calm and healing places that go beyond what standard NHS funding can provide.


Take the first step today, and sign up to the Walk of Life.

Best wishes,

The Forever Friends Appeal

The Forever Friends Appeal (E12)
Royal United Hospitals, Combe Park, Bath, BA1 3NG
Phone: 01225 825691 | Email:
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Thursday 20/05/2021 – Bathampton AA – Over 55’s and Short Walks

Friday, 21 May 2021

Thursday 20/05/2021 - Bathampton AA - Over 55's and Short Walks


5 am checked the weather and saw the eastern sky (pictured) - "Red sky in morning shepherds warning" - how true - Gale force winds, rain on and off and bloody cold for the time of year was to follow throughout the day. Far too windy for umbrellas. 

Arrived a bit later than usual so didn't bother with the usual walk around. Twenty one fishing which was good considering the weather forecast, also probably because BAA have stopped the stupid mid match weigh ins which was putting anglers off going. Dave called me peg 29. This peg is a good Silvers peg so would do me sir.

Found myself next to Granty on peg 28 (again), always good fun to be with  especially in the pub with his story telling with Cliff.


Plenty of feeders being set up as no one would be fishing long pole. I set up three rigs the first a margin paste rig which was to sit in the holster getting wet all day. A 4x13 Martin Rayet (MR) float to fish top-set plus one barrel, but did have another barrel in the holster incase. Finally the Ronnie rig which I thought might not present well enough in the conditions. 

The wind on this venue tends to continually change direction from minute by minute, but the main thrust was from the SE, which put the tow from left to right , however, the float would be going the other way so feeding the GB laced with DR's was fed up tow. Started on the MR with single LR on the hook and soon had my first tiny Perch on many, which tend to feed for about an hour before switching off completely. I had a run of F1's including a small Koi (where did that come from). As soon as the wind abated I picked up the Ronnie rig which worked better than I thought and accounted for a couple of big Ronnie Roach and Skimmers. As soon as the wind picked up I switched back to the MR. So by switching between the two rigs more or less kept Silvers coming throughout the match, interrupted by the occasional accidental F1 and one decent Carp.


My Silvers weighed 19lb 4oz for top silvers on the day. My Carp weighed 18lb 10oz for 4th overall. If it wasn't for the bloody weather I would have thoroughly enjoyed the match. 

The match was won by Paul Barnfield (pictured with the Silvers winner) with 62lb 12oz from peg 4. Paul caught on worm over micro feed at 10 metres, nice to have the ballast to fish that long in todays conditions. Well done matey.

Now to dry out all the kit ready for another soaking Sunday at Westerleigh.


A Section:

1. Paul Barnfield 62-12-0 peg 4

Silvers: Hughie Evans 7-12-0 peg 1

B Section:

1. Kevin Winstone 40-09-0 peg 18

Silvers: Dave Haines 7-07-0 peg 14

C Section:

1. Tony Ponting 28-13-0 peg 19

Silvers: Paul Clayton 2-08-0 peg 24

D Section:

1. Mike Nicholls 37-14-0 peg 29

Silvers: Andy Gard 4-02-0 peg 27

Weigh Sheets: