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Dave Crookes Fishery at Hunstrete Arial Shot

Notice to BAA Members

Notice to be BAA members.

The BAA committee has been notified that members are arriving at Hunstrete and queuing in the early hours of the morning.

Notices regarding this matter were posted previously stating that arriving before opening times is not acceptable.

15 minutes before opening times is the earliest acceptable time to arrive.

Please switch off engines and radios etc. and remain in your vehicles to keep disturbance to a minimum.

This situation will be monitored and opening times will be changed to 8am if early arriving persists or complaints are received from local residents.

BAA Committee



The Lydes Farm venue is being discontinued as a BAA fishery from 21st June 2023.

The fishery is not well attended by BAA members and is an annual cost to BAA of about £5,000 which includes fishing rights and feed and any other sundry costs.

It is hoped that another venue may be considered when available and any information from members of likely stillwater venues that may be or may become available can be passed on to any committee member for consideration.

BAA Committee

May 13th-14th Overnight Fishing Results at Hunstrete 2023

Total fish caught 16

Total weight 382lb 15oz

Peg 20

S. Williams

6 fish caught

26lb Common at 20.30 Sat

25lb 8oz Mirror at 21.30 Sat

34lb Mirror (Joker) at 23.00 Sat

26lb Mirror at 23.40 sat

14lb Mirror at 3.30 Sun

22lb Mirror at 4.00 Sun

Total 147lb 8oz

Peg 37

D. Major

3 fish caught

25lb Mirror at 18.00 Sat

24lb 8oz Mirror at 1.30 Sun

25lb 8oz Mirror at 4.00 Sun

Total 75lb

Peg 33

G. Collings

31lb Mirror at 15.00 Sat

Peg 7

Zaog Iles

30lb 3oz Mirror at 2.00 Sun

Peg 27

S. Scrags

23lb Mirror at 10.30 Sat

Peg 5

A. Watts

22lb 4oz Mirror at 1.30 Sun

Peg 29

J Patchett

20lb Common at 23.30 Sat

Peg 30

R. Patchett

20lb Common at 1.45 Sun

Peg 6

G. Barry

14lb Common at 3.00 Sun

April 1st-2nd Overnight Fishing Results at Hunstrete 2023

Total fish caught 11

Total weight 235lb 4oz

Peg 27

B. Smith

3 fish caught

25lb mirror at 22.00 Sat

19lb common at 23.00 Sat

16lb common at 4.00 Sun

Total 60lb

Peg 28

J. White

2 fish caught

23lb mirror at 20.20 Sat

25lb 14oz mirror at 21.00 Sat

Total 48lb 14oz

Peg 29

S. Davis

25lb lin at 17.00 Sat

Peg 8

W. Beedell

22lb 2oz mirror at 00.45

Peg 35

T. Hancock

22lb mirror 02.00 Sun

Peg 20

B. Williams

21lb 4oz mirror at 21.20 Sat

Peg 10

A. Burke

21lb mirror at 23.00 Sat

Peg 24

S. Barclay

15lb common at 07.00 Sun


Good Morning all any one wishing to fish the Nights on Hunstrete main lake this year must bring their membership when purchasing a ticket to show the organiser and must also have their membership when fishing on site. Thankyou.