Dave Crookes Fishery at Hunstrete

Dave Crooks Fishery at Hunstrete

Type of fishing: Coarse Fishing

Price: £5.00

Membership: Yes

Night Fishing: No

Disabled Access: Yes

Facilities: Toilets, Car Parking

Location: Hunstrete, Pensford, Bristol, BS39 4NT

Various events are held from time to time which entail closure of one, two or occasionally all three lakes.

Day tickets must be dated and with membership numbers added and deposited in ticket box provided

Three superb lakes in beautiful surroundings and each lake unique, offering something for every angler.

The two “newest” lakes – Withy and Bridge Pools – were established with the help of a substantial Lottery Grant and, thanks to the magnificent efforts of a hard-core of club members – they both have a natural appearance and have a reputation for some of the best fishing in the area. Over 2000 trees were planted on the slopes overlooking the lakes adding to the overall effect.

The car park adjoins the lakes and there is easy access to all 115 well spaced and comfortable swims on the fishery.

Hunstrete Main Lake

Main Lake

Hunstrete Lake, at almost 5 acres, has always been recognised for it’s high quality sport with the emphasis mainly on large carp. This is the lake where the current club record carp is held. Many anglers have achieved their personal best carp here with the largest carp to over 40lbs.

The lake contains some good but elusive tench from 4 to 6lb fish and larger

There are Bream to over 8lbs and roach to 1¾lbs also feature; as well as pike to 22lbs.

There are 41 custom built comfortable swims or platforms.

Withy Pool Hunstrete

Withy Pool

Withy Pool is approximately 3 acres with 2 islands and plenty of open water. Carp are the dominant species in this lake and there are plenty of doubles and some twenties. The carp are very hard fighting and will test tackle. A great place to try new rigs and baits. There are 40 platforms spaced out for easy fishing, some more suitable for disabled or elderly anglers.

Carp to 22lbs+.- Bream to 6lbs+.-Roach to 2lbs+-Perch up to 3lbs.

Bridge Pool Hunstrete

Bridge Pool

Bridge Pool is 2½ acres in size with loads of features, including three islands. All fishing is from 34 comfortable wooden platforms which are well spaced to give plenty of room for everyone, some more suitable for disabled or elderly anglers.

This is a superb, well stocked match lake which is available for hire

Bream to 7lbs - Roach to 2lbs+ - Perch to 3lbs - small chub, tench and rudd. F1s to a few pounds, stockies to 5lbs+ and the large beasts as well



Hunstrete Bathampton Angling Association Catch Report Matt Coles

Name: Matt Coles

Species: Carp

Weight: 18lb 3oz

Lake: Withy Pool

Hunstrete Bathampton Angling Association Catch Report Steve Wilshire

Name: Steve Wilshire

Species: Carp

Weight: 40lb 12oz

Lake: Hunstrete Lake

Hunstrete Bathampton Angling Association Catch Report Aaron Burke

Name: Arron Burke

Species: Carp

Weight: 33lb

Lake: Hunstrete Lake