K and A Canal

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Location: Bath - Avoncliffe Aqueduct

Type of fishing: Coarse Fishing

Price: Free to members, no day ticket required. Day ticket fishing for non-members at £5. Please purchase from local tackle shops before fishing.

Membership: Yes & No

Night Fishing: Application must be made in writing to the Head bailiff

Disabled Access: Possible, see bottom of webpage

Opening Times: Daylight hours

Bathampton A. A. have the fishing rights from it’s starting point in Bath right through to Avoncliffe Aqueduct, which is a continuous stretch of approximately 8 miles.

Most of the fishing takes place close to the access points and it can be very good, too. At the same time, some areas are rarely fished, if at all, due to long walks but the potential is very exciting.

However, all the fishing spots are accessed by a wide, flat towpath so travelling light or with a good trolley and comfortable walking shoes is the answer.

Winsley Hill at Limpley Stoke
Hardings Bridge towards Bathampton
Canal at Bathampton

No Close Season

The canal has always been noted for it’s quality fish of many species as well as it’s large stocks which provide sport all year round.

Most common species are roach, bream, tench, perch and gudgeon; with roach to 2lbs, bream to 5lbs, tench to 3lbs and perch to 4lbs plus. There are also some very big chub in the Claverton area, and quality carp to 20lbs plus. The carp are spread out and take some finding. Anglers locate them by throwing floaters – dog biscuits etc – into likely spots and wait for carp to show themselves. There’s also a good head of pike but they’re mainly on the small side.

In addition to standard club fishery bye-laws, anglers must not obstruct the footpath – with tackle: poles, landing nets etc. Members must also not dig the banks, fish closer than 25 metres to lock gates or moveable swingbridges or use bloodworm or joker between 16 June and 30 September.

Kennet Avon Canal Bathamtpon Angling Association
Kennet Avon Canal Bathamtpon Angling Association 3
Kennet Avon Canal Bathamtpon Angling Association 4

Access Points

a). There are various pedestrian access points in the City of Bath such as Bathwick Hill; but if driving, be very careful about parking as much of it is limited and in a”Tow Away” zone.

b). Beckford Road (in Bath) – For Darlington Wharf. Access from left hand side of road, looking up hill.

c). Candy’s Bridge – Take A36 Warminster Road out of Bath and take left fork signposted for Bathampton. Look for narrow lane between houses on the left which is Meadow Lane. This leads to the canal bridge but there is no vehicle access/parking. Cars have to be left in Bathampton Lane so this access is recommended only for when travelling light – spinning, stalking etc.

d). Bathampton Village – continue along Bathampton Lane (as in ‘c’ above). Go over canal and turn immediate right. Car parking in Tyning Road. Opposite school.

e). Claverton (Hardings Bridge) – On A36 as you approach the village of Claverton there is a long lay-by. At the start of the lay-by is a gate. Members may park in this field. It has a hard base but may become slippery when wet. N.B. Members must display a photocopy of current membership card on car dashboard. Canal access is over canal – short walk across field.

f). Claverton (Ferry Lane) – Turn left off A36 just past “Claverton” sign. This is Ferry Lane. Down hill, over canal and park. Park with care – narrow lane. Do not cause obstruction. Canal access is via gate on left.

g). Millbrook Swingbridge (Digger Smith’s) – Safe off road parking.

Members must display a photocopy of current membership card on car dashboard. Failure to do so may result in vehicle being clamped, with substantial release fee.

Approximately 0.9 miles past Claverton sign, and past next lay-by on the left there are double gates set back from the road, on the left. Enter and park in the yard. Cross over swingbridge and go left or right. This is private property and a special concession for anglers. Please park sensibly. Do not cause obstructions. Do not leave litter. Do not obstruct swingbridge. Do not park on slope inside gate. Do not obstruct pathway on left of slope. Do not park in lay-by outside gate.

h). Limpley Stoke (Dundas Aqueduct) – Park in next long lay-by. Private road leads down slope to the Aqueduct. Do not drive down private road. Fishing left or right.

i). Limpley Stoke (Winsley Hill) – Turn left at traffic lights (by Viaduct Hotel). Turn left at bottom end of village towards Winsley. Go over river and up hill to canal bridge. Fishing extends from here back to Bath and easterly to Avoncliffe Aqueduct. Parking is difficult. Do not obstruct gateways.

Short and easy walks (for elderly/infirm anglers)

Darlington Wharf
Bathampton Village
Millbrook Swingbridge



She was quite beaten so I sorted her out with Medi Carp antiseptic gel!

Pike large and small to be caught

Shane Lovell first pike 5lb