Thursday 10/09/20 – Bathampton AA – Over 55’s and Short Walks

Friday, 11 September 2020

Thursday 10/09/2020 - Bathampton AA - Over 55's and Short Walks

Had my usual walk around the Pool, joined by Kev Winstone. It was clear to me it was going to fish hard, especially the far end pegs 30 to 34 and 1 to 5 absolutely no signs of fish. Unfortunately, my predictions were to proved true.

Hoping to avoid the pegs mentioned above, but NO, Dave Gillard pulled me peg 33. Not happy with this one, but happy to be out fishing. Another downside to these pegs you are in the shade all day and today I would be sitting opposite anglers with tea shirts and I would be in my fleece still feeling chilly. I think the fishing Gods are averaging out my catches.

I set up the usual - Paste float for the margin and one for top-set plus one out in front, Ronnie rig and a 4x16 to fish top-set plus three barrels. As it would be a question of scratching around for fish I thought about setting up a waggler, but foolishly couldn't be bothered. A lot more rigs that usual and expected to use them all.

So started on the long paste float hoping to catch a couple of decent Skimmers, but ended up catching small ones to 6 oz with very small pieces if paste. I did have one a pound. Then switched to the long lone line with the 4x16 with a 4 mm expander over micro and had a couple of Ronnie's so switched the line to chopped worm and caster before starting on the Ronnie rig with caster. This proved more productive catching a 2 lb Skimmer, some decent Ronnie's and Perch. I did pull put out a decent Perch I estimated to be near 2 lb fiddling trying to find my landing net. The line died indicating some bigger fish present to dropped the paste in and had four F1's before the line completely died. So last hope was the worm line which was poor, accounting for some small Perch and one Roach/Bream Hybrid of about 1 1/2 lb. About halfway through I went for a walk to warm up as much as anything. The Pool was fishing really hard. Went back and spent nearly three hours staring at the float hoping to catch fish that weren't in the peg. This is the point of the match where the waggler would have come into play! I had noticed a Carp swimming around on the surface for some time. However, last effort I shallowed up the Ronnie rig and added another section and with single caster on the hook feeding 6 casters a time hoping to catch some more better Ronnie's. I had a definite liner from a decent fish, so switched to paste and first dob in caught and landed a 10 lb Carp. Whilst playing it I notice another swirl over the caster feed, so couldn't waiting to get the paste back in and hey presto another positive bite, so I thought, anyway I missed it right on the whistle - bugger.

My Silvers weighed 11 lb 9 oz for one out of a Silvers pick up by default and my Carp net weighed 15 lb 12 oz for a total of 27 lb 5 oz for again just two out of an overall pick up. Fine margins one more Carp or one more Ronnie, either would have done for me.The match was won by Tony Rixon (pictured right with the Silvers winner) with 106 lb 4 oz from peg 11. Tony fished 17. 5 metres to the island using hard banded pellet over loose fed pellet - see his blog for further details. Well done matey definitely have a weight advantage over the majority of the anglers. Well done matey.

The Silvers was won by Kev Winstone with 23 lb 3 oz from peg 16. Kev caught short up and down in the water using caster over caster. His catch consisted mainly of small Pech and Roach.One thing anglers are noticing at the moment is that it's very difficult catching fish on the bottom. I wonder if it's anything to do with all the Siltex that has been put in this Pool?

Back to HQ (pictured) with the usual suspects.


1, Tony Rixon 106-04-0 peg 11

2. Paul Barnfield 39-12-0 peg 24

3. Hughie Evans 38-12-0 peg 28

4. Chris Ollis 31-05-0 peg 14

5. Mark Tanner 29-15-0 peg 18

6. Mike Nicholls 27-05-0 peg 32


1. Kevin Winstone 23-03-0 peg 16

2. Paul Barnfield 22-04-0 peg 14

3. Pete Greenslade 14-04-0 peg 15

4. Gary Bowden 14-0-0 peg 1

Weigh Sheets:

Match Winners Peg Pictures

Silver Winners Peg Pictures

Dave Crookes Fishery at Hunstrete Over Night Fishing Results September 2020

Dave Crookes Fishery at Hunstrete
Over Night Fishing Results 5/6 September  2020
5 fish in total caught
122lb 8oz Total weigh

1st Harry Faithful 28lb 8oz tripple linear carp

2nd James Calderon 27lb 8oz linear

3rd Andy Dudridge 21lb 8oz common

4th Russ Nichols 21lb mirror

5th Mitchell Wood 24lb mirror

Thursday 13/08/2020 – Bathampton AA – Over 55’s and Short Walks

Friday, 14 August 2020

Thursday 13/08/2020 - Bathampton AA - Over 55's and Short Walks


First to arrived, so walked the whole complex and couldn't help noticing a vast difference from last match with fish feeding everywhere. Got to Bridge Pool where the Carp were having a right munch, which also meant their Skimmer Groupies would be feeding near by. The most Carp activity was between pegs 11 and 27 so any of them would do today and I had decided to fish for Carp - unless. Met with Kev Winston and told him a ton was on the cards today.

Dave Gillard drew me peg 15. I had to think for a second where I was going as Iv'e not been on these pegs for a long time. Happy with this and even though it has some Silvers form decided to target the Carp short, which would benefit the pole fencing with peg 16. Great company again with Tony Rixon on peg 15 - he would target the Silvers for sure and at 90 degrees was Chris "Squeaky Roller" Ollis, who also had the Silvers in his sights.Set up the waggler for fishing to the island at 17 metres with maggot over maggot, two paste floats, both on the top-set one out in front in 6 foot of water, just up the shelf and the other for both margins at the same depth for paste over potted micro and loose fed 4's.

Started by feeding the RH margin and out in front with a pot of wetted micro and pulted a few LR's over on the waggler line. Started out in front with the paste expecting a quick Carp, but not only nibblers. So picked up the waggler and with single LR on the hook had a couple of Rudd then the micro Perch showed up and wasn't upset when for some unknown reason the sliding float link managed to come off the line - a bit line the ring and rope magic trick - must discuss this with Dave Willmott. So set it up again which proved unnecessary as I decided to try the RH margin and didn't get another cast. First try in the margin and a decent Carp in the net. By potting a few micros and loose feeding 4 to 6 hard 4's over the top (which amused Tony) I had a great run of quality Carp. In between I was catch their groupies - some decent accidental Skimmers to Chris's dismay. I waited until the last Carp o'clock hour before switching to the LH hand side and had another decent run of more quality Carp - very pretty fish.

My accidentals weighed 17 lb 8 oz and my Carp 118 lb 07 oz for a match winning total of 135 lb 15 oz - a marginal victory. Great days fishing for a number of reasons - one notable was getting cooled off by the rain.

The Silvers was won by Tony Rixon (pictured above with the match winner) with an excellent weight of 42 lb 1 oz from peg 15. See his blog for the details but what he won't mention was how well he fished both short shallow with caster but especially when he started at 17 metres for the F1's - class act not many anglers can do this, catch brambles and still get the F1's out! No Bramble gate today.Back to the pub with the usual suspects to end a day when the Pool fished very well.


1. Mike Nicholls 135-15-0 peg 15

2. Tony Rixon 68-07-0 peg 15

3. Mark Tanner 53-0-0 peg 27

4. Paul Barnfield 48-12-0 peg 21


1. Tony Rixon 42-01-0 peg 15

2. Paul Clayton 22-09-0 peg 29

3. Dave Haines 19-06-0 peg 11

4. Chris Ollis 19-04-0 peg 16

Weigh Sheets:

Written by
Mike Nicholls

Match Winners Peg Pictures

Silver Winners Peg Pictures

Dave Crookes Fishery at Hunstrete Over Night Fishing Results

Dave Crookes Fishery at Hunstrete
Over Night Fishing Results 1/2 August 2020
15 fish in total caught
365lb 5oz Total weight
1st Peg 28 Lewis Gray 4 fish 27lb 13oz mirror
                                      25lb 15oz mirror
                                     20lb 15oz mirror
                                       27lb 4oz mirror
                                      Total 101lb 15oz
2nd Peg 33 Mitch Wood 2 fish 28lb 2oz triple row linear
                                           22lb common
                                        Total 50lb 2oz
3rd Peg 36 James Calderon 2 fish 23lb mirror
                                                26lb common
                                                Total 49lb
4th Peg 29 Ben Metcalfe 2 fish 20lb 2oz linear
                                           23lb 2oz mirror
                                           Total 43lb 2oz
5th  Peg 30 John Cannings 2 fish 20lb 10oz mirror
                                                 21lb 4oz mirror
                                                 Total 41lb 14oz

6th Peg 25 Gary Budd 26lb 8oz mirror

6th Peg 35 Lee Fitzgerald 26lb 8oz mirror

8th Peg 34 Benjamin Cannings 26lb 2oz

Thursday 30/07/2020 Over 55’s and short walks match results and write up

Friday, 31 July 2020

Thursday 30/07/2020 – Bathampton AA – Over 55’s and Short Walks – Bridge Pool

Hot day it was to be and was. Arrived early and walked around all three Lakes, they all looked dour especially Bridge Pool without any signs of feeding fish. On the walk I found this Fungi, I wish I knew more about such things – beautiful, in which case probably not edible.

I was hoping to be at the car park end as I have done my stint sitting in the the far end. Dave Gillard got the draw under way (

attached to the Drennan 25 elastic which I love fishing – Adrenalin rush. At last the all in and only fed the 0.5 g line with micro and went straight over it with paste and hooked a Carp which caught me by surprised taking me into the fish refuge losing the lot. These refuges are a hindrance to the fishing and provides limited protection from predators. The tiny Rudd like sitting on top of it though – not one of the better decisions and need taking out. Sounded like Tony was also battling with his refuge. New 0.5 rig setup and next put in another Carp of about 5 lb which I did get out – sad sight as it was very dark and blind. I persevered with this line but no more fish not even nibblers which was worrying. I started to feed the caster and with single caster on the Ronnie rig had one singe bite a large Perch which came off. I couldn’t even catch a Ronnie, so this was abandoned. I spent the rest on the match in the margin – first four put-ins accounted for four F1’s – blimey these fish are quick 0-60 in a millisecond. It slowed but kept adding the odd F1 and some better Carp. The bites had completely dried up and stay on this too long. It wasn’t until the last 15 minutes (though I had another 45 minutes) that I chanced going down towards the refuge and added another three F1’s before the all out. Should have kept a closer eye on the time.

The Silvers was won by Dave Haines (
What glorious weather for a pint in the pub garden – now what happens in a pub garden stays in a pub garden – however, did you know Cliff spends a lot of time in Keynsham pubs. I know Geoff Grant would make a plump Rat but you won’t see one climb a drain pipe quicker.


1. Mike Nicholls 56-0-0 peg 19
2. Dave Haines 41-05-0 peg 29
3. Paul Barnfield 38-10-0 peg 1
4. Pete Greenslade 38-03-0 peg 24
5. Harry Muir 36-08-0 peg 7
5. Rob Baker 36-08-0 peg 21
1. Dave Haines 29-04-0 peg 29
2. Hughie Evans 17-04-0 peg 4
3. Dave Gillard 14-06-0 peg 31
4. Kev Winston 14-0-0 peg 30
Weigh Sheet:
written by
Mike Nicholls
The Long Meadow River Avon Bathampton Angling Association

Saturday 18th July 2020 newbridge match results


Bathampton Open – Newbridge

Unusually for me a double header this weekend, with a riverfest qualifier on Newbridge next weekend I wanted to get on the river to get back in the groove. Kev Dicks advertised this match on facebook etc, but sadly only 8 people turned up, still it would do for me. My gear is still not with me and I have to make trips to my parents to get my gear. However, work has started on my house, with old falling down garage and shed pulled down, new surface laid, and now my workshop is being built. Fellow angler Ben Rendall is doing the job, with Kev Dicks and Warren Bates also assisting. This time next week I hope to have my gear with me again.

Back to the fishing, Kev ran the match on the same hours as riverfest is planned. 10 am draw fish 12 to 5pm. At the field the other anglers were, Ben Rendall, Jerry Pocock, Nigel Evans, Mike Martin-Davies, Andy Cranston, Mike Shellard  and Kev Dicks. Pools paid, draw done, and I was heading for peg 10 in the little field, with nobody below me I had plenty of room. Ben was above me on peg 7. It has been a while since I have fished 10, would have loved if the river had plenty of colour in it as bream are in the area, but sadly the river was pretty much stood on its head most of the time, and it was clear but not worryingly clear in my opinion. With no flow on the river I opted against setting up float rods, but did set up a feeder rod with 14 N50 to 0.13. Three pole rigs, a 1.5g pencil rig with 20 N40 to 0.09, 2g bodied float with 18 N40 to 0.10, and finally a 2g with 18 N20 to 0.13 for holding still.
To begin the match I balled in 12 jaffas of my usual Sonubaits river, lake, bit of black roach and my faithful brown crumb. I went in using caster on the hook, but three run throughs were biteless then I had a bleak, errrr. Stuck a maggot on and had a dace, then a small roach. Things became difficult already and I had to pick up the pencil float as I was missing bites. It was better for a couple of roach and dace, but then tiny chublets and bleak became a real pain. Even with a bulk pushed down and droppers all next to the hook length it was hard to get past them, but occasionally I had a better fish. Things though got worse, the bleak went and so it seemed had everything else! 90 minutes in and I couldn’t get a bite, potting more bait in had no effect either. Perhaps some bream had moved in (I wish) so I dropped the feeder over the pole line, 30 minutes of nothing other than a 4oz roach. I tried the heavy pole rig with a worm on, and I was just about to give it up when I had a bite down the peg, turned out was a 1lb skimmer. No more followed.
Glenn Bailey rang me 2 1/2 hours into the match and I told him I was struggling with about 3lb. I was now in danger of losing faith, but I gave the pole / feeder line a rest and caught a few bleak at 7m where I had been feeding a few maggots, a few were there but after I caught about a dozen they weren’t happy. Team mate Geraint Powell had been sat behind me for a few minutes when I then went back on the feeder, I had 3 small perch in three casts on a worm and red maggot so at least some bites, and then it went quiet next cast, then the tip went round nice and steady and the rod hooped over. I had a bream on and it felt a good one, river bream always give a good account of themselves and so I was glad when this one went in the net, maybe 5lb. Where there’s one there’s more… not this time, the feeder line went real quiet after this. Geraint told me that Mike Martin-Davies had a bream and skimmer on peg 16, but not much else was caught at this stage.
I had a bit of a struggle until the last 40 mins really, Mike had 2 bream now and I thought I was a long way behind so stuck it out on the feeder and I had a skimmer of over a pound to renew my interest. Then a 8oz perch and then a perch of just under a pound in three casts. In the last 20 minutes I had a couple more bites and landed two eels, one had to be 1 1/2lb and was my last fish. As you can imagine they were all taken on worm hookbait, and it was nice to get a few species in the end. I thought I had 12 to 13lb.
Weights as I know them..
Peg 1    Nigel Evans 10lb 2oz (a bream and a very big perch)
Peg 4    Jer Pocock 8lb (lots of small roach)
Peg 7    Ben Rendall 10lb 2oz (roach and chublets)
Peg 10  Tim Ford  14lb 12oz
Peg 16  Mike Martin-Davies 14lb 10oz  (sorry Mike!)
Peg 24  Mike Shellard think it was 23lb+ (4 bream + perch)
Peg 30  Andy Cranston just under 10lb of roach
Peg 34  Kev Dicks.. Not sure what Kev had but maybe 7lb
As you can see the old man himself Mike Shellard won, and I came 2nd which was worth £50. Compared to many places that was good fishing and some decent weights. I suppose it was mission accomplished as far as catching some fish and practicing, with roach not really playing ball a bonus or two will be needed in this zone next week.
Tomorrow I am on the superleague at Staverton, peg 31.
Written by

Thursday 16/7/20 Over 55’s and Short Walks Match results and write up

Thursday 16/7/20 – Bathampton AA – Over 55’s and short walks – Bridge Pool


A number of lads, in particular John Smith asked where my boy friend was? Meaning of course Geoff Francis – “was he under the thumb”? I explained that for some while Geoff had been promising himself a van. So a week or so before the lock down he traded his car in. So the new purchase stood more or less idle for 3 months. It certainly didn’t have any fishing tackle in it, the reason for the purchased. Just as the lock down ended his neighbour bought a mobile home and drove it for the first time back to his home only to crash into Geoff’s van causing significant damage. So today it’s still in the repair shop and expected to be finished in two weeks time.  I’m sure we will see him out soon.

Arrived early and had a walk around to free up the back a bit. which is gradually getting better. The Pool looked dour with no signs of fish. A hard day in the offering, especially with 25 fishing, this match becoming ever popular being local for most.

A new attendee today – Mark Tanner. Unfortunately didn’t draw well and had a baptism of fire.

I will be glad when I can blame myself for the draws as I was given peg 33 which is the wrong end for me. However, on the positive it was an end peg and would be in the shade all day. Arrived at the peg to find the aerator running (pictured) which switched off at 09:00. Opposite I have returnee Kevin Winston (pictured).

Three rigs – Short Ronnie for caster over caster, a 4×16 to fish top-set plus three barrels with 4 mm expander over micro.and a margin paste rig.

I fed the long line which I started on with 4 mm expander whilst I loose fed caster on the Ronnie line. I had a run of small fish – Tench, Skimmers and Ronnie’s, but was missing bites from tiny Skimmers and Perch. The peg gradually faded so refed and tried the Ronnie rig. I had a good 15 minutes catching small Ronnie’s, Perch and Rudd quickly until it went quiet and soon had an F1. I switched to paste and had another six and a 6 lb Carp whilst still lightly feeding caster. I thought I was in for a good day until I hit the two hour mark and all seem to die. I went for a walk and sure enough everyone was struggling. Back eased so tried the long line again and had a 4 lb Carp. Tried the Ronnie rig this time with maggot and had a 1 lb Chub making six species in the Silvers net! Decided to sit the last three long hours out on the paste adding just one more F1 during which time rigor mortise had set in.

My Silvers weighed 6 lb 8 oz and my Carp 22 lb for a total of 28 lb 8 oz for a fourth overall pick up. A number of DNW’s down this end leading with suggestions that sections would be fairer especially as the number of anglers are increasing (pictured above – some anglers chewing the post match fat)The match and the Silvers was won by Paul Barnfield (pictured right) with 19 lb of Silvers and 24 lb 12 oz of Carp from peg 28. Paul caught all his fish on worm over micro at 13 metres. Well done on hard day.

The usual suspects plus three were all eager to get in the pub garden for our first after match pint since lock down – great end to the day. On the way home I could have been excused in my thinking the toure de Somerset had started.


1. Paul Barnfield 43-12-0 peg 28
2. Tony Rixon 37-14-0 peg 8
3. Paul Haines 33-04-0 peg 31
4. Mike Nicholls 28-08-0 peg 33
5. John Smith 26-09-0 peg 21


1. Paul Barnfield 19-0-0 peg 28
2. Hughie Evans 17-12-0 peg 14
3. Paul Clayton 13-07-0 peg 16
4. Dave Haines 11-08-0 peg 24
5. Ray Bazeley 9-12-0 peg 25

Wrote by Mike Nicholls

Results from the match

Over 55 and disabled match
Thursday 18/06/2020 – Bathampton AA – Hunstrete – Over 55’s and Short Walks – Bridge Pool
I was certainty glad I had a policy change last year, re use of umbrella’s whilst fishing! It rained all daylight hours today – relentless, persistent, and heavy. I felt for Ray Bazeley today his first day out since lock down and with no umbrella and leaking waterproofs got soaked through. But credit to him he sat it out and weighed in – some didn’t – fair play.

Arrived at the fishery early which seems to be the thing to do with rolling draws. I was told all 34 pegs was in as the organiser didn’t have a clue on how many would turn up and with a rolling draw to prevent “Gatherings” wouldn’t be able to count the attendees and select the best pegs for the number.

I missed the usual pre-draw chats with the lads today, but at lest we are back fishing these matches.

I was hoping for a any peg from 17 through to 27 (but not 23). I was allocated peg 3. Reasonably happy with this as it has plenty of Silver form. However, the bonus was I could park behind my peg so was able to leave some kit in the dry. So with little to no wind I was able to erect the Drennan umbrella up high so I was able stand up under it.

So with all the gear in the dry I set up a long and short Ronnie rigs – the long one didn’t get used, a 4×16 to fish for Skimmers at top-set plus two barrels and a 0.3 paste float to fish the RH margin.

After an hours wait for the all in at 10 o’clock I started by feeding the Skimmer line with wetted micro and started on a 4 mm expander and was soon getting indications and had a 1 lb Skimmer. Next put in I foul hooked a Carp, it went quiet so re-fed this time with GB laced with micro and had a run of Skimmers before I hooked and landed a 3 lb Carp. The line faded, so had a go on the short Ronnie rig with single LR over loose feeding the same and had a run of Ronnie’s and micro Perch and hooked and landed another 3 lb Carp followed by an F1. As it looked like the Carp were going to feed made the decision to drop the Silvers and switch to margin paste. I potted some hard 4’s and feed a few over the top primarily to draw the Carp’s attention to the feed. The upshot was I landed seven decent Carp with one I must mention out of respect was a near 20 lb Common Carp which I played for at least 15 minutes – it nearly beat me into submission, a beautiful fish and worth coming just to catch it.

My Silvers weighed 12 lb 4 oz and my Carp 62 lb 6 oz for a total of 74 lb 10 oz which got me second in the match. However, with only 19 lb winning the Silvers and with four hours left of the match when I switched to the Carp I think if I stuck with Silvers I could have got very close to this weight if not more. The peg is certainly capable of winning the Silvers today.

The match was won by Junior (pictured right with the Silvers winner – Christmas coming) with 90 lb from peg 24. Gary caught a few F1’s on the method, catching most of his weight comprising small Carp on the pole tucked in close to the end on the island with banded pellet, catching regularly throughout the match.

The Silvers was won by Hughie Evans with 19 lb 12 oz from peg 14. As the weigh sheets tells Hughie made no mistake having two good empty pegs to his left and five empty pegs to his right! Sods law when 34 pegs are in the draw and only 22 fishing. Hughie caught on worm over GB laced with caster and chopped worm.

I thoroughly enjoyed it today, but a visit to the pub after would have been the icing on the cake, even it meant sitting outside in the rain – perhaps next match


1. Gary Bowden 90-0-0 peg 24
2. Mike Nicholls 74-10-0 peg 31
3. Harry Muir 64-01-0 peg 8


1. Hughie Evans 19-12-0 peg 14
2. Rod Dufferty 18-08-0 peg 25
3. Ken Morgan 16-0-0 peg 32
3. Pete Turner 16-0-0 peg 28

Write up from
Mike Nicholls

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Kennet and Avon canal

Newton Park

Lydes farm

Sam Fry beating dad Lawrence Fry

Kennet and Avon canal


Newton Park

Newton Park

Otto Reade 30lb 8oz

Newton Park

K&N canal 

Newton park

Newton park

Hunstrete Withy pool

Hunstrete Withy pool

Newton Park


 Lydes farm

Kennet And Avon Canal


Kennet and Avon canal