9th – 10th December Overnight fishing Results 2023

Only one person caught out of 13 people that fished

Peg 7


2 fish caught

33lb 4oz  THE JOKER at 18.30 Sat

30lb 2oz mirror at 4.30 Sun

Total 63lb 6oz

The only other fisherman who nearly caught was peg 29  who lost 1 at the net M.Gilliam

Total fish caught 2

Total weight 63lb 6oz


Thank you for all those who took part in the overnight fishing 2023 and just like to wish you all a Happy Christmas and Happy New Year

7th – 8th October Overnight fishing Results 2023

Peg 1


4 fish caught

33lb 5oz Mirror (Jaffa) at 22.00 Sat

20lb common at 00.00 Sun

30lb 2oz Big Lin at 03.00 Sun

21lb 4oz common at 06.00 Sun

Total 104lb 11oz

Peg Bridge


2 fish caught

31lb 2oz mirror at 22.30 Sat

25lb 50z mirror at 03.00 Sun

Total 56lb 7oz

Peg 21


2 fish caught

27lb 2oz common at 23.00 Sat

28lb 8oz common at 12.10 Sun

Total 55lb 10oz

Peg 25


2 fish caught

25lb 8oz mirror at 01.30 Sun

20lb 8oz mirror at 01.45 Sun

Total 46lb

Peg 6


2 fish caught

19lb mirror at 11.00 Sat

21lb mirror at 22.00 Sat

Total 40lb

Peg 10


2 fish caught

14lb mirror at 19.30 Sat

20lb common at 02.00 Sun

Total 34lb

Peg 24


25lb mirror at 02.00 Sun

Peg 34


24lb 130z mirror at 23.30 Sat

Peg 5


23lb 8oz common 21.30 Sat

Total fish caught 17

Total weight caught 411lb 1oz

Dave Crookes overnight match

Good morning all hope your all well. Result of the 24 hr carp match at Hunstrete.
1st place C. Bastin with a weight of 127lb
(5 fish caught)
2nd M.Gillam with 95lb (5 fish caught)
The biggest fish caught again was C.Bastin with a fish weighing 33lb 04oz. A total of 30 fish were caught through the match a fantastic result well done to all involved. Result sheet below.

1st Peg 33


5 fish caught

(LUMPY) 33lb 4oz mirror

24lb 10oz mirror

22lb mirror

20lb 2oz mirror

27lb 15oz mirror

Total 127lb 15oz

2nd Peg 25


5 fish caught

14lb 3oz common

21lb 5oz mirror

23lb 13oz mirror

14lb 4oz mirror

21lb 8oz mirror

Total 95lb 1oz

3rd Peg 41


4 fish caught

26lb 10oz mirror

25lb 12oz common

15lb 5oz mirror

24lb 5oz mirror

Total 92lb

4th Peg 34


3 fish caught

21lb 8oz mirror

21lb 10oz mirror

19lb 4oz common

Total 62lb 6oz

5th Bridge peg


2 fish caught

20lb 4oz

26lb 11oz

Total 46lb 15oz

6th Peg 21


2 fish caught

22lb 4oz mirror

21lb 9oz mirror

Total 43lb 13oz

7th Peg 23


2 fish caught

21lb 3oz common

18lb 9oz common

Total 39lb 12oz

8th Peg 28


26lb 4oz mirror

9th Peg 29


24lb 4oz mirror

10th Peg 27


23lb 8oz mirror

11th Peg 31


21lb 3oz mirror

12th Peg 20


18lb 8oz mirror

13th Peg 5


16lb 8oz common

14th Peg 32

M.Pritchard 14oz

Total fish caught 30

Total weight caught 627lb 15oz

9th-10th September Overnight fishing Results 2023

Peg 34


4 fish caught

30lb 2oz mirror at 21.30 Sat

23lb 13oz common at 23.30 Sat

23lb common at 2.00 Sun

(BLUSH) 36lb 2oz mirror at 4.30 Sun

Total 113lb 2oz

Peg 33


3 fish caught

29lb 9oz mirror at 22.30 Sat

20lb 10oz mirror at 12.15 Sun

27lb 6oz mirror at 1.15 Sun

Total 77lb 9oz

Peg 5


2 fish caught

24lb common at 19.15 Sat

14lb mirror at 20.00 Sat

Total 38lb

Peg 38


2 fish caught

20lb 4oz mirror

17lb mirror

Total 37lb 4oz

Peg 7


2 fish caught

18lb mirror at 15.30 Sat

14lb common at 3.00 Sun

Total 32lb

Peg 10


24lb 8oz mirror at 21.30 Sat

Peg 25


23lb 4oz mirror at 2.30 Sun

Peg 37


22lb 14oz common at 1.00 Sun

Peg 32


16lb mirror at 23.30 Sat

Peg 24


15lb mirror at 1.30 Sun

Peg 21


15lb mirror at 22.00 Sat

Total fish caught 19

Total weight caught 414lb 9oz

5th-6th August Overnight Fishing Results at Hunstrete 2023



3 fish caught

23lb 4oz lin at 00.30 Sun

15lb common at 01.15 Sun

25lb common at 05.00 Sun

total 63lb 4oz

Peg 20

R. Dudbridge

2 fish caught

25lb 8oz mirror at 11.00 Sat

30lb mirror at 21.00 Sat

total 55lb 8oz


S. Hartree

2 fish caught

27lb mirror at 02.00 Sun

19lb 8oz common at 22.00 Sat

total 46lb 8oz

Peg 34

G. Hancock

2 fish caught

21lb 15oz mirror at 12.00 Sat

22lb 14oz mirror at 02.00 Sun

total 44lb 13oz

Peg 8

B. Hayward

2 fish caught

21lb 5oz common at 10.00 Sat

18lb 6 oz mirror at 03.00 Sun

total 39lb 11oz

Peg 7

L. Neal

21lb 8oz common at 02.30 Sun

Peg 32

R. Konkoi

20lb 2oz mirror at 17.00 Sat

Peg 22


16lb mirror at 02.00 Sun

Peg 35


14lb mirror at 02.00 Sun

Total fish caught 17

Total weight 364lb 6oz

8th- 9th July Overnight Fishing Results at Hunstrete 2023

Peg 24


4 fish caught

21lb 14oz mirror at 21.30 Sat

19lb 12oz mirror at 22.30 Sat

12lb common at 23.00 Sat

16lb 4oz mirror 2.10 sun

total 69lb 14oz

Peg 33


2 fish caught

28lb 10oz common at 23.30 Sat

24lb 10oz mirror at 4.00 Sun

Total 53lb 4oz

Peg 10


2 fish caught

20lb 13oz mirror at 21.00 Sat

21lb 2oz mirror at 2.00 Sun

Total 41lb 15oz

Peg 22


2 fish caught

24lb common at 22.00 Sat

17lb mirror at 2.00 Sun

Total 41lb

Peg 29


28lb 10oz mirror at 19.00 Sat

Peg 7


27lb mirror at 16.00 Sat

Peg 27


25lb mirror at 3.00 Sun

Peg 20


23lb 10oz mirror at 3.00 Sun

Peg 25


23lb 8oz mirror at 23.10 Sat

Peg 32


23lb mirror at 23.30 Sat

Peg 34


21lb mirror at 12.45 Sat

Peg 21


20lb mirror at 3.30 Sun

Peg Bridge


19lb common at 2.30 sun

Total fish caught 19

total weight 413lb 13oz

June 24th-25th Overnight Fishing Results at Hunstrete 2023

Peg 1

D.Mc Namara

7 fish caught

20lb common at 22.00 Sat

21lb 8oz common at 22.30 Sat

16lb 8oz common at 2.00 sun

18lb common at 2.15 Sun

20lb 4oz mirror at 4.00 Sun

18lb 8oz mirror at 4.45

21lb common at 7.40 Sun

Total weight 135lb 12oz

Peg 7

G. Barry

4 fish caught

16lb mirror at 21.30 Sat

28lb 2oz mirror at 22.30 Sat

23lb common at 2.30 Sun

21lb mirror at 6.00

Total 88lb 2oz

Peg 35

O. Mogg

3 fish caught

25lb 12oz mirror at 13.00 Sat

23lb 14oz mirror at 20.00 Sat

16lb mirror at 3.00 Sun

Total 65lb 10oz

Peg 21


29lb Withy Fully at 2.45Sun

Peg 5

C. Richards

25lb mirror at 23.00 Sat

Peg 41

A. Dudbridge

24lb 8oz mirror at 20.15 Sat

Peg 20

S. Scrags

21lb mirror at 6.30 Sun

Total fish caught 18

Total weight caught 389lb

May 13th-14th Overnight Fishing Results at Hunstrete 2023

Total fish caught 16

Total weight 382lb 15oz

Peg 20

S. Williams

6 fish caught

26lb Common at 20.30 Sat

25lb 8oz Mirror at 21.30 Sat

34lb Mirror (Joker) at 23.00 Sat

26lb Mirror at 23.40 sat

14lb Mirror at 3.30 Sun

22lb Mirror at 4.00 Sun

Total 147lb 8oz

Peg 37

D. Major

3 fish caught

25lb Mirror at 18.00 Sat

24lb 8oz Mirror at 1.30 Sun

25lb 8oz Mirror at 4.00 Sun

Total 75lb

Peg 33

G. Collings

31lb Mirror at 15.00 Sat

Peg 7

Zaog Iles

30lb 3oz Mirror at 2.00 Sun

Peg 27

S. Scrags

23lb Mirror at 10.30 Sat

Peg 5

A. Watts

22lb 4oz Mirror at 1.30 Sun

Peg 29

J Patchett

20lb Common at 23.30 Sat

Peg 30

R. Patchett

20lb Common at 1.45 Sun

Peg 6

G. Barry

14lb Common at 3.00 Sun

April 1st-2nd Overnight Fishing Results at Hunstrete 2023

Total fish caught 11

Total weight 235lb 4oz

Peg 27

B. Smith

3 fish caught

25lb mirror at 22.00 Sat

19lb common at 23.00 Sat

16lb common at 4.00 Sun

Total 60lb

Peg 28

J. White

2 fish caught

23lb mirror at 20.20 Sat

25lb 14oz mirror at 21.00 Sat

Total 48lb 14oz

Peg 29

S. Davis

25lb lin at 17.00 Sat

Peg 8

W. Beedell

22lb 2oz mirror at 00.45

Peg 35

T. Hancock

22lb mirror 02.00 Sun

Peg 20

B. Williams

21lb 4oz mirror at 21.20 Sat

Peg 10

A. Burke

21lb mirror at 23.00 Sat

Peg 24

S. Barclay

15lb common at 07.00 Sun