May 1st and 2nd Over Night Results

Peg 34 Roy Barns

22lb 6oz mirror

30lb 4oz mirror

total 52lb 10oz

Peg 24 Mark Pritchard

26lb common

24lb 12oz mirror

total 50lb 12oz

Peg 1 Darren Mcnamara

18lb mirror

32lb 4oz mirror

total 50lb 4oz

Peg 25 Gary Budd

20lb common

25lb 12oz mirror

total 45lb 12oz

Peg 7 Ben Cannock

41lb mirror Called The Italian

Peg 10 Dan

35lb 5oz Called Jaffa

James Buckle

24lb 10 common

Peg 31 Ben

24lb mirror

Peg 41 Roger Morris

24lb Mirror

Peg 6 Jo Read

23lb common

Peg 8 Ben Metcalfe

22lb mirror

Peg 5 Craig Bastin

19lb mirror

Peg 20 Neil Evans

15lb Mirror

Peg 35 Gary

13lb mirror

18 fish caught

Total 440lb 4oz

Thursday 08/04/2021 – Bathampton AA – Over 55’s and Short Walks – Bridge Pool

Thursday, 8 April 2021

Thursday 08/04/2021 - Bathampton AA - Over 55's and Short Walks - Bridge Pool


Even though the weather again was going to be cold it was one of the best turnouts for many years with 28 fishing. Because the fishing is very poor in certain areas - mainly the far end - we decided  to have 4 sections of 7 paying top overall and a Silvers in each. As it happened it was the right decision. 

Nice to see Bob "MD" Feltham and his sidekick Turkey coming back to the coffin Dodgers.

I had my usual walk around - definitely going to be hard so my thinking was pegs near to car park would be best.

Dave Gillard got the draw underway and I was shouted peg 14 - happy with this as its a good waggler peg - pictured.

For company I had Mark Tanner on peg 15 and Tony Ponting peg 13.

I set up the waggler, but was disappointed to find the wind all wrong so would have to work hard at it. For the pole at two barrels where I found 7 foot was a 4x16 Winter Titan. I also set up a margin rig to fish LR's over micro and DR's.

I fed the long pole line with a large ball of GB laced with DR's. Fed the waggler line with loose LR's and the margin.

Started on the over the GB with single LR and had a few 2 - 4 oz Skimmers. This was soon disrupted by a 1 lb F1. Re-fed the laced GB and picked up the waggler and was annoyed to find lots of line under the water which I was catching (forget Bamblegate now Linegate), adding the wind made things difficult. I had a couple of F1's and then hooked a decent Carp which took an age to get in mainly due to it snagging me. Thought I had lost it so let the line slack and YES it came out - an important fish today. Tried the margin and had one tiny Perch and a Skimmer so that was abandoned in favour of the longer line I had a couple of better Skimmers which I must say were in very poor condition. As soon as the wind lapsed I would try the waggler then switch back to the pole after topping up. I had another six F1's - 3 from each line plus a 2 lb Carp on the waggler.

I weighed overall 29lb 9oz and my Silvers 9 lb. So double bubble section. My Silvers was 2nd overall and my overall weight 3rd, so good day.


The match was won by Paul Barnfield (pictured with the Silvers winner) with 51lb 8 oz from peg 24. Paul caught mostly F1's fishing long over to the island. 

Bob Feltham (pictured right giving the winner a forearm smash) won the Silvers with 14lb 8oz from peg 25. His catch included a couple of the better Skimmers. Bob fished either single or double maggot hook bait.


A Section:

1. Pete Turner Peg 5 & Rod Dufferty Peg 3 both 4-14-0

Silvers: Wayne Storey 3-07-0 peg 8 peg 8

B Section:

1. Mike Nicholls 29-09-0 peg 14

Silvers: Paul Clayton 8-0-0 peg 16

C Section:

1. Paul Barnfield 51-08-0 peg 24

Silvers: Bob Feltham 14-08-0 peg 25

D Section:

1. Hughie Evans 12-12-0 peg 29

Silvers: Dave Wride 3-07-0 peg 34

Weigh Sheets:

April 3rd and 4th 2021 Overnight Results

Peg 33 Lewis Gray

Mirror 35lb 4oz  JAFFA

Common 28lb 4oz

Total 63lb 8oz

Peg 1 Mitch Gillam

Common 14lb

Common 28lb 4oz

Mirror 17lb

Total 59lb 4oz

Peg 32 Steve Rowe

Mirror 27lb

Mirror 27lb

Total 54lb

Peg 24 Phil Brown

Common 30lb 2oz

Peg 28 Reece Patchett

Mirror 27lb

Peg 29 Warren Ciddelapaz

Mirror 21lb

Peg 30 James Patchett

Mirror 20lb 3oz

11 fish caught

Total weight 275lb 1oz

Tony Rixon’s day out again

Tuesday, 26 January 2021

Still in lock down and still fishing local

Not only locked down, furloughed aswell, you may all say lucky sod. but we are not supposed to travel to far, although its probably jump in the van, drive 50 miles then drive home, not stopping or interacting with any one on the way , whilst fishing or travelling home, then go to the local supermarket, close contact with dozens of others, i know which is safer. But i wont do it, so of to huntstrete which is exactly 5 miles door to door, rules is rules as they say. ive been three times in the last week, all on bridge pool, and i got to say its been very good considering the weather, rain snow and frosts. A good variety of fish, which suites everyone, from roach and skimmers, f1,s, and med sized carp, right through to bigger bream(7lb+) and carp over 40lb, whatever floats your boat to be fair, and its well maintained with well sized swims and plenty of safe parking, so give premier angling a ring (01179867507) or book online for a season ticket for BAA licence and some, i dont think many will be dissapointed . firstly last tuesday, sat on peg 21, had some nice skimmers fishing to the left into some white water at 13 mtrs.maggot or caster over groundbait.

I did have a near or just over 2lb perch aswell. Then fishing over to the tree i had some nice f1,s and a couple of small carp, all on banded pellet, feeding 4,s and banding a 6mm.

Last Thursday and peg 11 was my choice for the day, must say this was the most disappointing day ive had here in a long time as far as silvers go, just tiny roach and skimmers, no quality. But by again fishing pellet across at 16mtrs towards the island, i did have a nice run of f1,s again , one decent skimmer and a lone carp of about 7lb.

Then today i went on 31, veey cold to begin with, plenty of snow on the ground still,

and the top end of the lake was still covered with cat ice, so the water temperature was probably only about 4c I fed three lines today, groundbait and caster at topset and two, the same mix for 13mtrs slightly to the left, and a micro pellet line at 11mtrs to the right, i caught skimmers and roach on all three lines, but the 13mtr line was.the most productive, the pellet line seemed barren until i fed some groundbait there, without a doubt groundbait seems to be the key on this lake at the mo, it still seemed like a bit of a scratchy day but i still managed to end up with about 12lb of silvers, and two f1,s which i put straight back, Chris(the bath karaoke legend) Ollis was there so thanks for taking the picture.

Wont be going again till next week, probably back to huntstrete, but may go on withy for a change, as there are some quality roach being caught, or if the rain holds off i fancy another go on the chew in keynsham park after the dace again, have to wait and see . Stay safe everyone.

Tony Rixon’s Day Out

Thursday, 14 January 2021

Still lockdown fishing

Decided to pay Huntstrete another visit today, especially as its exactly 5 miles door to door. I normally stick to bridge pool, as most of the matches are fished on here, but i fancied a change today so drove on down to withy pool, i could see that peg 54 was empty so i loaded the trolly up in the rain and wandered down to the peg, its a nice peg to fish as there is an island in front at only 11 mtrs, and its the shallowest peg on the lake, only 5 ft, generally you only need to fish 7mtrs, which is just past the deepest part of the swim. Just by kindering a few casters in it hasnt in the past taken to long to start catching, but today was different, took ages to get a bite, then after catching a fish, the next one would take ages to get, i tried going a bit further across into slightly shallower water, but the results were the same , only odd fish.

I had fed a meat line over towards the corner of the island, i did give it several goes but never had a tremor there . I was intending to pack up at 3 so at 12.30 i wandered back to the van and got a bag of groundbait which i had mixed about 5 days before, it didnt smell to good, and the spores growing on it didnt instil me to much confidence, but who knows, it may be a covid cure, I made another rig to fish 13 mtrs to the right, where it was about 12 inches deeper, i cupped in a ball with some caster and dead reds, gave the meat rig another go, but ten minutes later i was going over the 13 mtr line.

It was like a light switch going on, bites straight away from small skimmers with the best about 12oz, and some roach aswell.

I also started introducing some groundbait on the 7mtr line , and that line came to life aswell, so i definitely made a mistake by not feeding crumb from the start, live and learn. So i had a good last 90 minutes with skimmers and chunky roach, so slow start and really enjoyable end, plus on the doorstep, well nearly. Good fishing for a small outlay, and lovely surroundings, so get down to premier angling in keynsham to pick up a BAA licence and a few day tickets.


Thursday 22/10/20 – Bathampton AA – Over 55’s and Short Walks

Friday, 23 October 2020

Thursday 22/10/2020 - Bathampton AA - Over 55's and Short Walks - Bridge Pool

Had my usual walk around a flat calm Bridge Pool which which has been windless for some time which lead to think it wise to switch on the aeration. The water had once again gone clear. There seemed to be plenty of small Ronnie's topping on the bottom pegs which might be a way to pick up today especially  if they are the only fish to feed. The trees and shrubs are starting to show their autumn glory - pictured. However, without any sunshine it was to feel a bit nipply.A good turn out with 24 fishing. Dave picked my peg 25. This peg under Colin Golding leadership was one of regulars to go in and did produce some good Carp weight from the margins, but subsequently got left out because it was back in a bay and possibly affected peg 26 which nowadays is left out. For company I had Paul Barnfield on peg 24 and Tony Rixon on peg 27, so I knew I would be outgunned on the pole, so set up the waggler.

Whilst shotting up the waggler I cast out and once the waggler reached 12-o-clock a Seagull flew from behind me and into my line and as bad luck would have it the hook half hitched around it's leg and with some help from Tony (only after he videoed it) and Paul Clayton managed to land it and unhitch it. Luckily it flew off uninjured. If I was a seafarer I would consider this an unlucky omen!

With the water so clear I didn't think the Carp would come in to the margin, but still set up a 4x12 Speedy set to 3 1/2 foot to fish worm or a bunch of maggots. As per usual I set up the Ronnie rig and a 4 x16 Winter Titan to fish top-set plus three barrels which took me to full depth and level with Paul's platform!

I fed the margin with a pot of Micro, the Ronnie line with GB laced with caster and the longer line with two balls of GB laced with caster. I also pulted some LR's to the middle of the bowl.

I have a quick look on the Ronnie line with single caster which produced nothing, so out on the long line and missed a bite then foul hooked a Carp which was soon lost. After this I had a few micro Ronnie's, Skimmers and Perch whilst Paul Was bagging on decent Skimmers fishing 13 metres using worm over micro and chopped worm. I refed the line and re-tried the Ronnie rig and had a few Ronnie's but was getting plenty of shy touches which I knew was due to the diameter of the line being a bit heavy but I was reluctant to change incase I hooked a Carp. The two GB lines produced very little so spent the most of the match on the waggler catching the odd Skimmer to 12 oz and Ronnie's to 3 oz on singe LR. I kept trying the margin with either maggot of worm and did have two 12 oz Perch, with 30 minutes to go had a liner followed by the float going under and foul hooked a decent Carp which again was soon lost, stayed in the margin to the end and had one more liner which didn't develop.

No Carp, with my Silvers weighing 8 lb 6 oz which amazingly got me last in the Silvers payout by default, thanks to the waggler I think.

The match and the Silvers was won by Tony Rixon (pictured below with his both his net of Silvers and Carp) with 47 lb 13 oz from peg 27 which is the peg he practiced on a few days before! See his blog for further details.

Paul Barnfield was second in the Silvers just behind Tony with 18 lb 8 oz, but did lose a top-set which a small F1 pulled out due to loose fitting section.

Back to the Compton with the usual suspects and still managed to self isolate in the garden.


1. Tony Rixon 47-13-0 peg 27

2. Mark Tanner 34-03-0 peg 19

3. John Smith 33-08-0 peg 17

4. Paul Barnfield 18-08-0 peg 24

5. Rob Baker 14-14-0 peg 14


1. Tony Rixon 19-04-0 peg 27

2. Paul Banfield 18-08-0 peg 24

3. Kev Winstone 14-10-0 peg 3

4. Alan Smith 14-06-0 peg 30

5. Mike Nicholls 8-06-0 peg 25

Weigh Sheets:

Match winner peg Numbers

Click on buttons below to see which peg

Winner Silvers peg picture

Click on buttons below to see which peg

Dave Crookes Fishery at Hunstrete Arial Shot

Dave Crookes Memorial Match 2020

Dave Crookes Memorial Match 10/10/20

First of all thank you to everyone that took part you all raised £670 for the British Lung Foundation.

We would like to thank Terry and Son’s butchers of Bath for supplying the excellent meat at reasonable price and also Bookers of Bath for donating the rolls.
Premier Angling also donated £60 worth of vouchers for the event so a massive thank you to them all.

Results from Bridge Pool
1st P.Barnfield 35lb 14oz
2nd A.Curry 24lb 12oz
2nd L.Fothergill 24lb 12oz

Silvers results
1st L.Fothergill 17lb
2nd K.Winstone 13lb 6oz

24 Hour Carp Match on Main Lake
1st M.Riddler 60lb
2nd C.Bastin 48lb 15oz
3rd T.Cooper 33lb 4oz

Thursday 8/10/20 – Bathampton AA – Over 55’s and Short Walks

Thursday 08/10/2020 – Bathampton AA – Over 55’s and Short Walks – Bridge Pool

Due to dead tree felling on the Bridge the usual car park was closed so we parked at the far end. I was hoping this to be an omen for me to draw away from the high and low numbers. Bridge Pool was full due to the recent non-stop rain (pictured right). Due to this I was expecting it to fish poor, but it was to fish better than I thought.

Good turn out of 21 considering an expected morning full of rain. Due to the tree work we had to leave out pegs 18 and 17, this would make peg 19 a good choice.
Dave Gillard called me peg 15 happy with this, I must start parking this end every match! For company I had Whitebaiter Dave Haines on peg 14 and Hughie Evans on peg 16. I love fishing the waggler on pegs where the F1’s live, however, the wind was weird swirling all over the place, but was promised that the wind would subside so set up the waggler. The water looked clear so set up a deep 4 foot margin rig for paste or worm, lastly I set up a 4×18 jolly with a triple bulk to fish top-set plus three for Skimmers.

I started by feeding both margins with micro and the Skimmer line with micro and LR’s and fed a pouch on the waggler line. Started on the Skimmers with double LR’s on the hook and caught a few small Skimmers and an F1 probably before anyone had a bite. By time others started catching the peg died except for tiny Perch. Wasn’t disappointed as I was eager to pick the waggler up, which I did. I was soon catching some decent Ronnie’s and the odd F1, but the wind was murdering accuracy of the loose feed so had to cast where I fed. When I got a decent grouped feed I caught an F1 or a small Carp. The waggler died for the Ronnie’s so knew the Carp were about, so shallowed up and had an indifferent hour landing two decent Carp and losing two round the island and two at the net with the hook pulling due to the force needed to stop them going around the island – bugger. During this spell I foul hooked a decent Skimmer in the dorsal fin. I carried on catching Ronnie’s and the odd F1 until I had a Bramblegate, losing the lot – lose a waggler every time I fish these pegs! So had a quick look in the margin with paste with no indications I reset-up the waggler and carried on with that until an hour to go and went in the margin with worm over micro and had two more decent Carp losing a couple of fouler’s. It wasn’t until the last 15 minutes that the wind fell flat calm and was tempted to pick up the waggler, but glad I didn’t as, just before the all out hooked and landed another decent Carp.

My Silvers weighed 10 lb 14 oz and my Carp 37 lb 9 oz for a match winning total of 48 lb 7 oz.

The Silvers was won by my Apprentice Kev Winstone (pictured right with the match winner) with 29 lb 4 oz from peg 21. Kev caught short using caster over caster. Well done matey. His catch below less his three spikes – Lol:

It was back to the Compton for the usual suspects.

1. Mike Nicholls 48-07-0 peg 15

2. Paul Haines 40-07-0 peg 7

3. Jeff Grant 40-0-0 peg 6

4. Hughie Evans 34-06-0 peg 16


1. Kev Winstone 29-04-0 peg 21

2. Paul Barnfield 16-12-0 peg 32

3. Hughie Evans 15-04-0 peg 16

Weigh Sheets: