May 7th and 8th 2022 Overnight Results

Peg 22 R.Dickson

2 fish caught

17lb mirror at 21.30 pm Saturday

21lb mirror at 23.30 pm Saturday

Total 38lb

Peg 24 M.Collins

22lb mirror at 00.00 midnight

Peg 32 D.Palmer

21lb 4oz mirror at 13.30 pm Saturday

Peg 21 C. Pugsley

17lb 8oz mirror at 22.30 pm Saturday

Peg 10 M.Efteme

16lb mirror at 19.30 pm Saturday

Total fish caught 6

Total Weight 114lb 12oz

October 2nd – 3rd 2021 Overnight fishing results Hunstrete

Peg 5

3 Fish caught
28lb common
19lb mirror
9lb mirror
total 56lb

Peg 1

2 Fish caught
20lb common
26lb common
total 46lb

Peg 35


2 fish caught

25lb common

16lb 8oz common

total 41lb 8oz

Peg 8


29lb 12oz mirror

Peg 34


25lb common

Peg 6


24lb 9oz mirror

Peg 28


19lb 6oz mirror

Peg 25


18lb 10oz mirror

Peg 29


8lb common

Total fish caught 13 Total weight caught 268lb 3oz

The Manor Field at Claverton River Avon Bathampton Angling Association

Tench Record Long Meadow Update

I had this message from a member so thought I better update. Any other fish records then please let me know.
This season I re joined Bathampton after being a long time member of ATAA. (Fly fishing and arthritis doesn’t mix).
Many years ago I caught a 4lb 8oz tench from the Avon at Claverton the Meadow field but I could not find it in the record fish list.
I remember it well and recall removing several tiny hooks from its lips before it was witnessed and returned.
Interestingly my brother caught a 3 pounder the following week.
I would be grateful if it could be listed as its probably my only claim to fame in a lifetime of fishing.
All the best
Bob Williams

Bathamtpon Club History Dave Crookes Alan Gilbert Terry Fell

Saturday 11/09/2021 – Bathampton AA – Dave Crookes Memorial Charity Match – Bridge Pool

Saturday 11/09/2021 – Bathampton AA – Dave Crookes Memorial Charity Match – Bridge Pool


Because Dave Crookes was a long time good friend I have wanted to fish this match for some time but for various reason couldn’t. Dave and I joined the BAA committee at the same time through the affiliated clubs. Dave representing the RAF and me MST. Dave was a natural angler but didn’t regularly fish matches, when he did he often framed. I would love to win this one in his memory.

Because there were two matches today, ours on Bridge Pool and a 24 hours Carp match on the Main Lake I arrived to a packed car park . I had a walk around the Pool with Dave Gillard. Apparently some heavy rain last week had knocked the colour out, so expectation was for it to fish hard.


Back to the draw and it was a nice touch by the BAA committee to lay on bacon and sausage rolls and hot drinks – all FOC – well done to them. Cant beat the smell of bacon especially cooked out doors. Pools paid – raffle tickets purchased – no more on this one. The draw put me on peg 19, the peg I had last match here and got frustrated because I couldn’t see the float due to the sun shining on silver flotsam. For company I had matey Kev Winstone on peg 18 who would be difficult to beat especially if he listened to my advice!

Any peg on this Pool with cover hold F1’s. I have noticed that BAA have trimmed some of the islands which is OK but please leave the margins overgrown, otherwise we won’t be able to catch the F1’s in any numbers. Won’t catch these fish on a mud bank. As can be seen from the picture above peg 19 had plenty of margin cover and therefore holds plenty of F1’s – the problem is encouraging them out from the reeds to feed.


Two paste rigs – one for out in front and one for both margins just in front the reeds in 31/2 foot of water at top set plus three barrels of margin pole. Also the Ronnie rig in case I couldn’t see the down the margin. Started out in front with the paste over a pot of micro and as expected the same as previous match plenty of nibblers. So quickly abandoned after feeding some DR’s in GB for the Silvers as back up. Went down the RH margin which felt as if it wouldn’t produce. So round to the left with paste over micro and kindered hard 4’s and could just about see the float and had a couple of F1’s before the sun squeezed through the trees and hindered my vision. So thought I would try the Silvers with singe LR over the GB and loose fed LR’s. I fished this for an hour which accounted for 8 lb of Silvers. I felt I had a chance to frame in the Silvers, but wanted to go for the win. So back in the margin but the sun was a pain, so set up the waggler to fish further down to the end bank where visibility was far better. With double LR over loose fed LR’s I had two quick big F1’s before I was pestered by small Perch. Luckily the sun had moved on and I could go back to the margin paste rig. This resulted in spells of catching F1’s catch two and the shoal backed off. Late on I caught two small Carp and two better ones, the largest coming just before the whistle. Kev had caught a very similar amount of fish as me so it was going to be tight. 


My silvers weighed 8 lb 2 oz, The four carp 30 lb and the F1’s 24 lb 12 oz for a match winner weight of 62 lb 14 oz beating Kev in to second spot by just 3 lb 2 oz which was the difference between our Silvers weights! 

I usually give my trophies to the junior for recycling, however for sentimental reason I will be keeping this one in the office.

The Silvers was won by Paul Barnfield with a low weight of 14 lb 4 oz from peg 14. Paul Caught at 13 metres using his worm hook bait over chopped worm and copious amounts of micro. Well done matey.

Back to the pub with the usual suspects and a nice end to another memorable day mainly thanks to Arron Britnell, James Buckle and the rest of the BAA committee.


Weigh Sheet:


August 7th – 8th 2021 Overnight fishing results Hunstrete

G Fisher
5 Fish caught
25lb 8oz mirror at 12.00 midnight
15lb common at 6.30am sunday
28lb mirror at 4.30am sunday
18lb mirror at 5.30am sunday
25lb Lin at 8.00am sunday
Total 111lb 8oz

M Ridler

3 fish caught

15lb 12oz common at 15.00 Saturday

17lb mirror at 1.00 Sunday

14lb mirror at 5.00 Sunday

Total 51lb 12oz


S Coster

2 fish caught

33lb 6oz mirror at 18.30 Saturday

15lb 8oz common 0.45 Sunday

Total 48lb 14oz

S Rowe

2 fish caught

31lb 120z mirror at 0.30 Sunday

13lb 2oz mirror 2.00 Sunday

Total 44lb 14oz

Mitch Gilliam

2 fish caught

27lb 2oz common 12.00 midnight

12lb mirror 12.30 sunday

Total 39lb 2oz

S Williams

2 fish caught

18lb mirror 18.30 Saturday

20lb 8oz mirror 12.00 midnight

Total 38lb 8oz

J Filer

2 fish caught

12lb mirror 15.00 Saturday

17lb mirror 12.00 midnight

Total 29lb

P Barry

1 fish caught

26lb 6oz mirror 21.00 Saturday

G Barry

1 fish caught

23lb mirror 6.00 6am Sunday

K Click

1 fish caught

19lb common 8.30 Sunday

G Budd

1 fish caught

14lb Lin 16.00 Saturday

Total fish caught 22

Total weight caught 445lb 4oz

July 10th 11th 2021 Overnight fishing results Hunstrete

Darren Mc Namara

3 fish caught

25 lb mirror

17lb mirror

26lb mirror

total 68lb

G Partridge

3 fish caught

21.08lb mirror

16.08lb mirror

17lb mirror

total 55lb

C Richards

2 fish caught

23lb common

27.14lb mirror

total 50.14lb

D Astin

2 fish caught

21lb mirror

22lb mirror

total 43lb

B Williams

1 fish caught

24lb mirror

R Barnes

22.8lb mirror

M Pritchard

21lb mirror

A Coleman

19.8lb mirror

J Mitchell

19lb mirror


15lb Common

D Roderick

13lb mirror

Total fish caught 17

Total weight caught 350.14lb

June 26th 27th 2021 Overnight results

Mitch 8 fish caught and 4 lost

22lb 2oz mirror 20:00 Saturday

16lb mirror 21:30 Saturday

30lb 2oz mirror 23:00 Saturday

23lb 10oz mirror 23:30 Saturday

23lb 12oz mirror 1:00 Sunday

25lb mirror 2:30 Sunday

27lb 10oz mirror 3:00 Sunday

21lb 8oz mirror 3:30 Sunday

Total 190lb 2oz


T. Crispin 2 fish caught

24lb mirror 20:30 Saturday

29lb common 4:00 Sunday

Total 53lb

R.Bessell 3 fish caught

15lb common 11:00 Saturday

17lb common 1:00 Sunday

20lb common 2:30 Sunday

Total 52lb

L.Fitzgerald 2 fish caught

22lb mirror 23:30 Saturday

22lb common 1:00 Sunday

Total 44lb

S.Davis 2 fish caught

16lb mirror 21:30 Saturday

23lb 10oz mirror 23:00 Saturday

Total 39lb 10oz

J.Willis 2 fish caught

15lb common 20:00 Saturday

21lb mirror 1:00 Sunday

Total 36lb

M.Morean 1 fish caught
34lb 4oz mirror 12:30 Sunday

S.Smitch 1 fish caught
25lb mirror 0:00 Sunday

Scott Fry 1 fish caught
19lb 10oz mirror 21:30 Saturday

R.Duncan 1 fish caught

23lb 8oz mirror 20:30 Saturday

Total fish caught 23

Total weight caught 517lb 2oz

May 1st and 2nd Over Night Results

Peg 34 Roy Barns

22lb 6oz mirror

30lb 4oz mirror

total 52lb 10oz

Peg 24 Mark Pritchard

26lb common

24lb 12oz mirror

total 50lb 12oz

Peg 1 Darren Mcnamara

18lb mirror

32lb 4oz mirror

total 50lb 4oz

Peg 25 Gary Budd

20lb common

25lb 12oz mirror

total 45lb 12oz

Peg 7 Ben Cannock

41lb mirror Called The Italian

Peg 10 Dan

35lb 5oz Called Jaffa

James Buckle

24lb 10 common

Peg 31 Ben

24lb mirror

Peg 41 Roger Morris

24lb Mirror

Peg 6 Jo Read

23lb common

Peg 8 Ben Metcalfe

22lb mirror

Peg 5 Craig Bastin

19lb mirror

Peg 20 Neil Evans

15lb Mirror

Peg 35 Gary

13lb mirror

18 fish caught

Total 440lb 4oz