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The following information is in relation to the recent closure of Bridge
Pool due to fish mortalities.

The Environment Agency was contacted after fish deaths were seen
earlier in the year.

The Agency took samples of the water and fish for analysis and returned
the following information.

A parasite not previously present was detected and is likely to be one the
causes of the fish deaths. The parasite can be transmitted by new
stock, fishing tackle and possibly wildlife.

Other contributory factors considered were stock density, the presence of
an algal bloom and too many nutrients in the water.

Currently the fish deaths have significantly reduced and the stock left is
feeding now and looking good.

Looking forward and using the information supplied, the stock density has
been reduced and the algal bloom has run its course.
It may be considered to dye Bridge Pool when necessary to prevent further
algal blooms. The lake may be chalked to assist condition of the lake bed.

The lake and stock are being monitored daily and the situation with
regards to reopening will be reviewed in the next few weeks.

BAA Committee.

Committee Announcements



Good morning all hope your all doing well. Several pike anglers have asked the committee to look at changing the rules on the use of braided mainlines on the rivers and canals. The committee has decided that braided main lines can be used on the rivers and canals when fishing for pike and when drop shotting for pearch only.

Newbridge River Avon Bathampton Angling Association

Sunday 21st November River race

I’m the race coordinator for Canoe Avon, based at the Saltford Rowing Centre.

I’d like to inform you that we will be running a canoeing race on Sunday 21st November (the day after Avon Rowing have their race). The race will be using the section of the Avon between the Saltford Rowing Centre and New Bridge. We will be racing between 10:30am and 3pm.

We would request that you ask your members to minimise fishing activity on that day, or at least stay alert to kayaks on the river and ensure lines are not causing a hazard.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Steve Askew

October 2nd – 3rd 2021 Overnight fishing results Hunstrete

Peg 5

3 Fish caught
28lb common
19lb mirror
9lb mirror
total 56lb

Peg 1

2 Fish caught
20lb common
26lb common
total 46lb

Peg 35


2 fish caught

25lb common

16lb 8oz common

total 41lb 8oz

Peg 8


29lb 12oz mirror

Peg 34


25lb common

Peg 6


24lb 9oz mirror

Peg 28


19lb 6oz mirror

Peg 25


18lb 10oz mirror

Peg 29


8lb common

Total fish caught 13 Total weight caught 268lb 3oz

September 4th – 5th 2021 Overnight fishing results Hunstrete

Peg 41

B Taylor 3 fish caught

28lb mirror at 22.30 Saturday

26lb mirror at 00:30 Sunday

22lb linear at 02.00 Sunday

total 76lb

Peg 24

Ben Metcalf 4 fish caught

18lb mirror at 18.00 Saturday

21lb 14oz mirror at 23.00 Saturday

19lb 14oz mirror at 01.30 Sunday

14lb 8oz mirror at 04.00 Sunday

total 74lb 4oz

Peg 23

D Clarke 3 fish caught

20lb mirror at 19.30 Saturday

22lb mirror at 0.15 Sunday

14lb mirror at 02.30 Sunday

total 56lb

Peg 28

F Pavey 2 fish caught

21lb 3oz mirror at 22.30 Saturday

28lb 13oz mirror at 03.00 Sunday

total 50lb

Peg 8

M Langdon 2 fish caught

20lb mirror at 21.30 Saturday

23lb mirror at 03.30 Sunday

total 43lb

Peg 33

J Patchet 1 fish caught

25lb mirror at 5.30 Sunday

Peg 20

Hevy Jackson 1 fish caught

23lb 14oz mirror at 23.30 Saturday

Peg 31

L Hughes 1 fish caught

21lb 8oz mirror at 22.30 Saturday

Peg 34

J Carley 1 fish caught

12lb mirror at 03.00 Sunday

Peg 29

R Patchet 1 fish caught

10lb 8oz mirror at 20.30 Saturday

Total fish caught 19 Total weight caught 392lb 2oz