Dave Crookes Fishery at Hunstrete Arial Shot

Hunstrete complex closure 16th December

Good evening all hope your all well. The Hunstrete complex will be closed on Saturday 16th of December to replace Barley straw in all the lakes. If any members want to attend to help out it would be very much appreciated. Breakfast will be supplied and you can also have a fish afterwards if you want to. Mike turner Publicity/Administrative Officer a message if you are willing to attend. Thanks.

7th – 8th October Overnight fishing Results 2023

Peg 1


4 fish caught

33lb 5oz Mirror (Jaffa) at 22.00 Sat

20lb common at 00.00 Sun

30lb 2oz Big Lin at 03.00 Sun

21lb 4oz common at 06.00 Sun

Total 104lb 11oz

Peg Bridge


2 fish caught

31lb 2oz mirror at 22.30 Sat

25lb 50z mirror at 03.00 Sun

Total 56lb 7oz

Peg 21


2 fish caught

27lb 2oz common at 23.00 Sat

28lb 8oz common at 12.10 Sun

Total 55lb 10oz

Peg 25


2 fish caught

25lb 8oz mirror at 01.30 Sun

20lb 8oz mirror at 01.45 Sun

Total 46lb

Peg 6


2 fish caught

19lb mirror at 11.00 Sat

21lb mirror at 22.00 Sat

Total 40lb

Peg 10


2 fish caught

14lb mirror at 19.30 Sat

20lb common at 02.00 Sun

Total 34lb

Peg 24


25lb mirror at 02.00 Sun

Peg 34


24lb 130z mirror at 23.30 Sat

Peg 5


23lb 8oz common 21.30 Sat

Total fish caught 17

Total weight caught 411lb 1oz

Carp rig workshop

Hi All
Following really positive feedback regarding a carp rig workshop, I can confirm this will be held at Hunstrete Lakes on Saturday 12th August, between 10am and 1pm.
We’ll hold it by the junior coaching shed, next to Withy lake.
We are not experts by any stretch of the imagination, just a few volunteers to show you what we know, mainly looking at what can be considered safe rigs and how to tie and use simple carp rigs and leaders. This session is aimed at novice and junior anglers.

It would be helpful if people could comment to say you hope to attend as we are looking to light a bbq for a few simple burgers.
Unfortunately it’s only a small bbq, we are going to struggle to offer vegetarian or vegan alternatives, sorry.

We will be looking at holding a separate session for piking later this year if this proves successful




The Lydes Farm venue is being discontinued as a BAA fishery from 21st June 2023.

The fishery is not well attended by BAA members and is an annual cost to BAA of about £5,000 which includes fishing rights and feed and any other sundry costs.

It is hoped that another venue may be considered when available and any information from members of likely stillwater venues that may be or may become available can be passed on to any committee member for consideration.

BAA Committee