The results of fish samples taken for analysis by CEFAS have now confirmed that KHV is present at Hunstrete and is the cause of fish deaths.

In accordance with directives from CEFAS the complex must remain closed until no fish deaths have been recorded for 14 days.

Any further updates regarding this matter will be posted when available.

BAA Committee

The Hunstrete Complex 1999

Hunstrete complex will be closed until further notice

Good Afternoon all hope your all well. As from tomorrow Tuesday 20th Sept the Hunstrete complex will be closed until further notice. We have had a few dead carp on Withy Pool and we are not really sure what is going on. We have called in the E.A just to be on the safe side as soon as we get any answers we will let you know. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

Newbridge River Avon Bathampton Angling Association

illegal morings at Newbridge

Illegal moring at Newbridge.

The BAA committee is well aware of the problems members are encountering when trying to fish at Newbridge.

There has been dialogue between BAA and the canal and rivers trust with regards to this matter but unfortunately nothing came from those discussions to assist in resolving the problem.

However the administration representing the Duchy of Cornwall to Whom BAA pays to utilise the fishing rights has contacted the committee with a view to holding a meeting with other interested parties such as BANES and the rowing club. This will take place on the 11th of August

The outcome of the meeting will be published for our members to view.

Committee Announcements



The following information is in relation to the recent closure of Bridge
Pool due to fish mortalities.

The Environment Agency was contacted after fish deaths were seen
earlier in the year.

The Agency took samples of the water and fish for analysis and returned
the following information.

A parasite not previously present was detected and is likely to be one the
causes of the fish deaths. The parasite can be transmitted by new
stock, fishing tackle and possibly wildlife.

Other contributory factors considered were stock density, the presence of
an algal bloom and too many nutrients in the water.

Currently the fish deaths have significantly reduced and the stock left is
feeding now and looking good.

Looking forward and using the information supplied, the stock density has
been reduced and the algal bloom has run its course.
It may be considered to dye Bridge Pool when necessary to prevent further
algal blooms. The lake may be chalked to assist condition of the lake bed.

The lake and stock are being monitored daily and the situation with
regards to reopening will be reviewed in the next few weeks.

BAA Committee.

Committee Announcements



Good morning all hope your all doing well. Several pike anglers have asked the committee to look at changing the rules on the use of braided mainlines on the rivers and canals. The committee has decided that braided main lines can be used on the rivers and canals when fishing for pike and when drop shotting for pearch only.