Hi, this is the first newsletter for the club to let interested parties know a little of what is happening and how things are going.

Current Projects:

 The Education Centre:


Funding did not go as hoped and the necessary foundation work was carried out at considerable cost to the club in order to meet time limits imposed by the planning consent. Other avenues to raise funds are being considered and it is hoped this will prove fruitful and progress will be made in the not too distant future. Changes to construction materials are being considered now that buildings are being constructed adjacent to the Hunstrete lakes in more conventional material rather than wood or wood cladding.

Footpath Diversion:


There is an application for footpath diversion currently in progress with BANES. If accepted this will benefit BAA in terms of:


Added security: Important for the education centre and to keep prying eyes away from buildings etc.

More privacy and safety for members: We have juniors and vulnerable adults who fish and their safety is of primary concern.

Safer for the public: Contact with site traffic is eliminated.

Fouling by dogs: This will be eliminated other than the footpath that goes along the length of the Main Lake.


Hunstrete Lakes:


Overall, it has been a good spawning time and fortunately just a few casualties. This is better than many fisheries and during the main carp spawning time fishing was discontinued to help the fish get on with it and have a well earned break. The water levels of Main Lake and Bridge Pool  are still good although a good drop of rain is always appreciated especially to keep Withy Pool topped up as it always drops during the summer.


Main Lake


The lake is still well stocked with plenty of carp in the twenty and thirty pound  weight range and there is still a 40lb fish alive and well. Fishing can still be hard but judging by attendances the attraction to fish there is still strong. BAA is fortunate to have many members who regularly fish this lake and help look out for any problems and also support the work party days. Some smaller carp have been caught but not removed as yet until the colder weather arrives to avoid the risk of any cross contamination from summertime viruses etc.


Bridge Pool


The introduction of F1 carp has certainly stirred up the action and fishing can be extremely “busy” with a good variety of fish being caught in matches and pleasure visits.


Withy Pool


The  carp in the pool can be indifferent or feed like starving pigs and at the moment are very prone to surface baits. The fish are still falling to conventional ledger methods and sometimes a session can be extremely hard work in playing in these hard fighting adversaries. Pole fishing is still accounting for some good catches especially with heavier feeding than usual.


Reporting on Other  Lakes:


Newton Park


Still popular with members and holds some hefty carp now well into the twenty pounds mark. Access has been improved slightly with a new gate on the college side but it is still a bit of a slog from the car park and taking as little gear as possible is advised. On the day, some great fishing can be had and members should consider this venue once in a while but you may get hooked!


Lydes Farm


Plenty of good fishing still to be had but weed is becoming a nuisance. That aside, there are a lot of carp and good quality silvers including lovely rudd and big perch. You can always have a pint in the clubhouse (muddy boots not allowed) and a spot of lunch. If water extraction takes place on Widewater you may need to get down the bank a little to fish so take care. Golf club rules insist on no bare chests!


The Kennet and Avon Canal.


A long stretch from Bath to Avoncliffe is available but parking is difficult.

Those prepared for a bit of a walk can enjoy some excellent fishing and there are some big carp in this canal if you put in the time and effort to follow them.

Light tackle for the smaller species can produce some good bags of fish.

Boats are always a problem and unfortunately they will never decrease in numbers and wintertime is much better for anglers in this department..


River Avon.


The local stretches from Newbridge to Saltford are producing some excellent catches throughout the year and the close season always seems to curtail the best time of the year. The Angling Trust are debating the close season soon so you never know!

BAA and the Saltford Rowing club make every effort to move any boats attempting to moor along this stretch as no permission  has been granted to moor by the Duchy of Cornwall. The police are coming round to this problem now and have been assisting in the matter.


There is still some good fishing at Claverton and Long Meadow.


The change of ownership of the Bathampton Weir may prove interesting, we shall see.


General Bits and Bobs:


Junior Coaching: Thanks to volunteers some coaching is still taking place during the warmer months and work continues to encourage juniors to take up the sport. Those who attend are made welcome and encouraged to learn but have some fun as well.


Attempts to make fishing at Hunstrete easier and thus attract more members are always being considered and currently involve:


Parking: Our elderly, disabled or infirm members have some priority parking and this will hopefully increase and improve as time goes on:


Day Tickets: Currently a member can purchase three day tickets dated by month only and this does help with choice of visit.


Guests accompanying members: Members may bring guests or carers (both non-fishing) once they are in possession of written permission which is easily obtained.


Summing Up.

After many years of membership in decline, it is hoped that numbers of members will start to rise and that the efforts of the committee, bailiffs and volunteers will prove fruitful. Initial indications this year so far on the bank look good.


The regular Over 55’s and Disabled Matches are still running and recent visitors from the MOD and a school in Westminster have enjoyed a day at Hunstrete.


The heatwave in June and July has as expected lowered levels especially (and as usual) Withy Pool. Some keepnet restrictions are in place and members are urged to consider not to use keepnets during hot weather.


It is hoped that a memorial day for Dave Crookes (previous long standing General Secretary) can be arranged at Hunstrete involving all lakes being used for matches. This is to be confirmed.


And last but by no means least , I wish to thank the committee members and bailiffs for the continued support given to the Association which can only  continue because of the them.


Thanks as well to the members who help with the work parties.


Dave Burnham

BAA General Secretary


Committee Announcements

General Data Protection Regulation relating to members.


General Data Protection Regulation relating to members.

The legislation relating to the storing of 3rd party personal data has changed under the new GDPR rulings and the BAA is providing the following information in order to comply with the required changes

Any information stored relating to club members is as membership of the Association, this being Name, Address and membership number.

This information is not currently held in electronic form and is gathered as a result of the membership cards being filled in at time of purchase. Membership card details are stored by and under the control of the Association’s current Treasurer.

This information is not shared nor divulged to any other party and is only utilised in the event of a replacement membership being asked for to verify details. An exception to this would be at the request of any legal body such as the police to assist in any investigation.

For the time being, this mode of storage will remain in effect although in the future electronic recording of data will come into effect.

The member is required to permit these personal details to be retained in whatever form by the Association.

Membership cards for the 2019 season will be modified so that on signing as a member permission to retain the personal details is agreed.

With regards to Junior members, parental consent must be given to permit the retention of details by the association.

All data held by the Association for a season (January to December) relating to membership will be destroyed during the following season if the member does not renew within six months of the new membership period regardless of the format that the data is held in.

With regards to Life, Gold and Silver members details will be retained.

If any member has any queries relating to the above with regards to the Association and the GDPR please contact the General Secretary.

Committee Announcements





Due to abuse of the current arrangement of allowing members to purchase

multiple undated day tickets, the BAA committee has decided that day tickets will

be deposited in a collection box on entry to the complex prior to proceeding to a peg.

 This new arrangement will come into effect within the next week or so and

relevant signs will direct members regarding this arrangement when in effect.

 Anyone found fishing without having deposited a ticket into the box will be

deemed to not have a valid ticket and may face disciplinary action likely to

result in a ban.

If further problems are encountered then the previous arrangement of only being able to purchase specifically dated day ticket will be reintroduced.



Dated 23/4/2018
Upcoming Events

Bathampton AA night fishing. at Hustrete 2018

Bathampton AA night fishing. at Hustrete 2018

Dates: April 7th, May 5th, June 23rd, July 7th, August 4th, September 1st and October 13th.

Times: 5am Saturday to 21:30 Sunday


Angler’s can fish every other month.

Tickets on sale at the garage on the lake side March the 24th from 10am.

A draw will take place on the day if more members turn up than there are places for.

Anyone not making the list for that Date will be in the next one.

£30 per ticket

Withypool 5 spaces.

Bridge 5 spaces

Mainlake 15 spaces.


Any Questions please contact Steve Pitfield

Contact number: Steve Pitfield 07541008385

Committee Announcements

Up to three tickets may be purchased per visit.

At the Bathampton A.A committee meeting held in January day ticket sales were discussed and as a result the following changes to issuing day tickets are required.

 From the 1st of February 2018 day tickets for The Dave Crookes Fishery at Hunstrete will not be dated with a specific day, only the required month and year.

 Example (FEBRUARY 2018, MARCH 2018).

Up to three tickets may be purchased per visit.

Tickets must be used within the stated month.

Again, please note that this change only applies to The Dave Crookes Fishery at Hunstrete.

Committee Announcements



Members are reminded that barbed and micro-barbed hooks

are not permitted to be used on lakes under BAA control.

Bailiffs will perform ad-hoc checks on rigs to enforce this rule.

ANY member found using prohibited hooks will be asked to

surrender their membership and be issued with a “producer”

and asked to leave the fishery and membership is suspended.

A disciplinary hearing will take place and the member may


The member loses BAA membership rights and may not attend

fisheries during the period of being suspended.

It is extremely likely that the result of the hearing will be a