General Data Protection Regulation relating to members.


General Data Protection Regulation relating to members.

The legislation relating to the storing of 3rd party personal data has changed under the new GDPR rulings and the BAA is providing the following information in order to comply with the required changes

Any information stored relating to club members is as membership of the Association, this being Name, Address and membership number.

This information is not currently held in electronic form and is gathered as a result of the membership cards being filled in at time of purchase. Membership card details are stored by and under the control of the Association’s current Treasurer.

This information is not shared nor divulged to any other party and is only utilised in the event of a replacement membership being asked for to verify details. An exception to this would be at the request of any legal body such as the police to assist in any investigation.

For the time being, this mode of storage will remain in effect although in the future electronic recording of data will come into effect.

The member is required to permit these personal details to be retained in whatever form by the Association.

Membership cards for the 2019 season will be modified so that on signing as a member permission to retain the personal details is agreed.

With regards to Junior members, parental consent must be given to permit the retention of details by the association.

All data held by the Association for a season (January to December) relating to membership will be destroyed during the following season if the member does not renew within six months of the new membership period regardless of the format that the data is held in.

With regards to Life, Gold and Silver members details will be retained.

If any member has any queries relating to the above with regards to the Association and the GDPR please contact the General Secretary.