April 2nd and 3rd 2022 Overnight Results

Peg 32 S.Coster

2 fish caught

27lb mirror at 2.00am Sunday

32lb mirror at 5.15am Sunday

Total 59lb

Peg 27 M.Gilliam

3 fish caught

17lb common at 18.30pm Saturday

12lb mirror at 2.30am Sunday

24lb 8oz mirror at 6.30am Sunday

Total 53lb 8oz

Peg 5 R.Dudbridge

2 fish caught

19lb mirror at 11pm Saturday

28lb 8oz mirror at 12.15am Sunday

Total 47lb 8oz

Peg 10 G.Collings

30lb mirror at 5.45am Sunday

Peg 38 D.Stock

25lb 4oz mirror at 12.15am Sunday

Peg 22 A.Coleman

25lb mirror at 9.30pm Saturday

Peg 24 B.Williams

22lb 11oz mirror 2.00am Sunday

Peg 31 S.Rowe

16lb mirror at 12.15am Sunday

Total fish Caught 12

Total Weight 278lb 15oz

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