Tony Rixon’s day out again

Tuesday, 26 January 2021

Still in lock down and still fishing local

Not only locked down, furloughed aswell, you may all say lucky sod. but we are not supposed to travel to far, although its probably jump in the van, drive 50 miles then drive home, not stopping or interacting with any one on the way , whilst fishing or travelling home, then go to the local supermarket, close contact with dozens of others, i know which is safer. But i wont do it, so of to huntstrete which is exactly 5 miles door to door, rules is rules as they say. ive been three times in the last week, all on bridge pool, and i got to say its been very good considering the weather, rain snow and frosts. A good variety of fish, which suites everyone, from roach and skimmers, f1,s, and med sized carp, right through to bigger bream(7lb+) and carp over 40lb, whatever floats your boat to be fair, and its well maintained with well sized swims and plenty of safe parking, so give premier angling a ring (01179867507) or book online for a season ticket for BAA licence and some, i dont think many will be dissapointed . firstly last tuesday, sat on peg 21, had some nice skimmers fishing to the left into some white water at 13 mtrs.maggot or caster over groundbait.

I did have a near or just over 2lb perch aswell. Then fishing over to the tree i had some nice f1,s and a couple of small carp, all on banded pellet, feeding 4,s and banding a 6mm.

Last Thursday and peg 11 was my choice for the day, must say this was the most disappointing day ive had here in a long time as far as silvers go, just tiny roach and skimmers, no quality. But by again fishing pellet across at 16mtrs towards the island, i did have a nice run of f1,s again , one decent skimmer and a lone carp of about 7lb.

Then today i went on 31, veey cold to begin with, plenty of snow on the ground still,

and the top end of the lake was still covered with cat ice, so the water temperature was probably only about 4c I fed three lines today, groundbait and caster at topset and two, the same mix for 13mtrs slightly to the left, and a micro pellet line at 11mtrs to the right, i caught skimmers and roach on all three lines, but the 13mtr line was.the most productive, the pellet line seemed barren until i fed some groundbait there, without a doubt groundbait seems to be the key on this lake at the mo, it still seemed like a bit of a scratchy day but i still managed to end up with about 12lb of silvers, and two f1,s which i put straight back, Chris(the bath karaoke legend) Ollis was there so thanks for taking the picture.

Wont be going again till next week, probably back to huntstrete, but may go on withy for a change, as there are some quality roach being caught, or if the rain holds off i fancy another go on the chew in keynsham park after the dace again, have to wait and see . Stay safe everyone.