BATHAMPTON AA WATERS – River Avon Downstream from Claverton

BATHAMPTON AA WATERS – River Avon downstream from Claverton
>>> The Association wishes to point out that : –
>>> 1. The information in the 2020 membership card relating to fishing the river downstream from Claverton is incorrect and
>>> 2. The 2021 membership card omits any reference to such fishing and this also is incorrect.
>>> 3. The actual stretch of river available to members is accessed by using the rail underpass and heading downstream about 50 metres. The BAA stretch commences there and will be signposted at start and finish.
>>> 4. Travelling from Bath to Claverton, parking is available off the A36, just prior to the layby before Claverton and entry is via a number padlocked gate. From there the path leads to the Canal bridge and to the underpass.
>>> The Association apologises for any misrepresentation which members will appreciate was entirely unintentional.

By way of explanation the error arose due to confusion between the Association’s original agreement with British Rail in about 1980 and the new and different agreement with Network Rail  which superseded it in approximately 2001.