Lydes Farm

Lydes Farm Bathampton Angling Association

Type of fishing: Coarse Fishing

Price: £5.00

Membership: Yes

Night Fishing: No or bivvy erection at any time

Disabled Access: Reasonable, but not recommended

Facilities: Car Parking, Toilets and Bar (No muddy boots please)

Location: The Players Club, Codrington, Bristol, BS37 6RZ

In addition to very good sport, added attractions include safe car parking and golf club toilets being available for members use. You may also use the bar facilities providing that you are suitably dressed. NO MUDDY BOOTS PLEASE

Day tickets must be dated and with membership numbers added and deposited in ticket box provided

Currently - Three lakes - WIDEWATER, DRAGONFLY POND and GAZEBO - are available to members, each providing very different fishing and having their own particular attractions.

In addition to very good sport, added attractions include safe car parking and the golf club toilets being available for members’ use.

Lydes Farm Widewater


The largest of the three lakes at approx. 7 acres but the fishing areas are limited due to being surrounded by the golf course.

However, superb sport is usually the order of the day with common and mirror carp to 15lbs, tench to 6lbs 08ozs, bream to 7lbs 08ozs, rudd and crucian carp; and in good numbers. In addition there are roach to 2lbs plus and some superb specimen perch over 3lbs and in sufficient numbers to make this lake a very special favourite with many members. Gudgeon also live here.

Members must fish ONLY from the swims marked with paving stones.

Chocolate Box

Chocolate box is the new addition to Widewater with only three swims available but this is a catch and release only NO KEEPNETS ALLOWED. Carp up to double figures and good head of silver fish introduced.

Lydes Farm Dragonfly Pond

Dragonfly Pond

A small but very attractive pond with fishing from one bank only to make it even more interesting.

All fishing is from comfortable wooden platforms, and as there is a flat walk of approximately 50 yards from the car park it is more suitable for older members as well as disabled who can walk short distances.

The pond has been stocked with tench and TRUE crucian carp and there is a good head of roach and rudd with plenty weighing to 1 lb. plus. Small head of carp as well.

An "intimate" fishery which has also become a favourite with members. 

Lydes Farm Gazebo Pond


Another small pond but with great sport situated on the straight road prior to arriving at Dragonfly and the car parking.

A great venue for some old fashioned light tackle fishing on the pole or waggler.

Plenty of small carp, mirrors and common around the small to 2lb mark.
The odd beast around 6lbs or so and there may be others.

There are also crucian, small tench and perch and a plethora of silvers, roach and rudd.

All fishing is ONLY from comfortable wooden platforms and they are all situated on the road side as you drive in.

Above you can see a map of the golf course.

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