Hunstrete Main Lake Fish

 If you would like to add to this page then please do contact me with pictures and a write up of the catch.

Shaun O’Connor with 31lb 14oz common

Glyn Grimstead

Thrilled to catch this beauty on the main lake. 37lb 4oz

Even more thrilled to experience the camaraderie around the lake. Glad to be part of a very special club. Thanks to all that have contributed to my Carp education and to all those that bailiff and maintain our fisheries.

Clifford Baker

Joker 34lb 8oz

Ricky Wilson

Jaffa at 36lb on the nose. He was caught in 2018.

Ricky caught it with a spinner rig set up on a heli system with a high attract cc Moore wafter around 3 rod lengths from the bank on peg 7 with a scattering of cc Moore pacific tuna boilies soaked in a bait booster to keep the baits from soaking in the smell of the silt.

Matt Woolley had this nice Linear out on main at 14lb8oz