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Hunstrete toilet

CORONA VIRUS NOTICE. Although the refurbished toilet facility at Hunstrete will be open and cleaned during the 24 hour session on the main lake, anglers using the facility do so entirely at their own risk, and should also bring and use their own sanitizing equipment and toilet roll.

Hunstrete opening

Notice to be BAA members.

The BAA committee has been notified that members are arriving at Hunstrete and queuing in the early hours of the morning.

Notices regarding this matter were posted previously stating that arriving before opening times is not acceptable.

15 minutes before opening times is the earliest acceptable time to arrive.

Please switch off engines and radios etc. and remain in your vehicles to keep disturbance to a minimum.

This situation will be monitored and opening times will be changed to 8am if early arriving persists or complaints are received from local residents.

BAA Committee