September 2016 Excerpts




P.Morris (Chairman), D. Burnham (General Secretary), M. Turner (Admin), A. Gilbert (Treasurer), R. Bracey (Junior Officer), K. Rippin (Legal Advisor), M. Seymour (Web Admin), J. Buckle(Fisheries Officer), S. Lovell (Vice Chairman), T. Stone, C. Hunt, L. Swift, N. Moore, R. Patrick, M. Sheppard, S. Pitfield.


Received and accepted from S. Knee (Head Bailiff), H. Withers


Minutes of the August meeting were reviewed and proposed by M. Sheppard, seconded by N. Moore and agreed as a true record.

D.Burnham stated that he has visited upstream from the Saltford rowing club regarding moored boats. Pictures were taken and sent by email to Nick Mould (Duchy of Cornwall) also the Canal and Rivers Trust with no success. This matter is ongoing.

D.Burnham met with Mr Stiff (Lydes Farm). He has agreed that we can introduce 2 more pegs on the Chocolate Box in the wooded section – should be safe from golf balls. Road end of Dragonfly will be filled in. The reeds and weed situation were discussed and Mr Stiff stated that he is considering various options regarding the weed. Water levels are still very high which is making it difficult to see the extent of the weed problem. R. Bracey stated that we should think about using dye to kill off the weed but it was considered to remove as much weed as possible before applying the dye.

D.Burnham stated that piling work for Education Centre has satisfied the conditions relating to the planning application work commencement time limit.

Stated letter received from E.A regarding dead Cray fish on Box Brook.    

K.Rippin stated that there have been no fish deaths reported – situation to be monitored.

Stated site visit at Hunstrete by Jelf agent (insurance company) has now been completed.

Stated that the rules of Bathampton AA need to be “amended” and simplifying. Ongoing.

Stated that the dam inspection is now due and a meeting has been arranged for the 7th of October

Thanks given to all who attended the work party, once again lots of good work carried out.

Stated that the gate number will be changing on the 31st of October.

J.Buckle proposed that we change the opening times in the winter from 7am to 6am so that there are anglers on the lake a little earlier to scare off any cormorants or goosanders – vote was taken and carried.

Stated bailiffs will be staggering the times that checks at Hunstrete.

Request granted for a maintenance day on October 1st at Newton Park.

Stated that all lakes are fishing well and not too many fish have been lost.

Transference of larger carp from Bridge Pool to Withy continues with reciprocal silvers weights.

Stated that barley straw needs to be replaced – all agreed.

Agreed to continue with chalking of lakes later in the year.

J.Buckle stated that a lot of the carp in the main lake are gaining weight at a good rate. (And so are the ones in Withy!!)

Stated that we may need to adjust the rules for the carp fishing so that all anglers who fish for carp should have adequate unhooking mats and landing nets. It was also suggested by J. Buckle that maybe all carp anglers should have a medi care kit to look after carp after they are caught to treat mouths etc.

Stated that more pellets need to be purchased to feed the fish through the winter. All agreed.

J.Buckle asked if he could run a raffle once every couple of months to help raise funds for the Education Centre. It was suggested that the tickets would cost £5 each and 3 winning tickets would be able to fish a night on the Main Lake. A vote was taken and all agreed that this could go ahead as long as J. Buckle was in attendance on the night. The event will be reviewed after the first one has taken place to see how it went.

Stated concerns about the trees on Withy Pool on the immediate bank edge from anglers and bailiffs saying that the water levels are low because the trees are taking all the water. Although they do not help the level, they are surplus to requirement and will become too tall to deal with ourselves and so will be removed. The general bankside vegetation will also be cut back severely.

Stated that the last junior coaching session was well attended. Not a lot has happened since the last one due to holidays etc. and the next junior coaching session will be the 17th of September.

Stated that the old web site is causing search engine problems due to it still being active on the servers. It can now be deleted.

D.Burnham asked if we could edit the home page so that the up coming events page is more clear for people to see. M. Seymour stated that the page is not really being looked at and this could be because it’s too difficult to navigate to or people are not really interested in looking at upcoming events. M. Seymour stated that maybe upcoming events could be added to the main page but there may be a charge for this – M. Seymour to make enquiries.

Stated that since the new website has been live there have been 3300 visitors. 60% of these have been through a search engine such as Google 30% have been from people who already had the web site address and 4% have come from Face book and the rest are just random. The main things being looked at on the web site are latest news, venues, and the Hunstrete page and club membership.

R.Patrick requested that K. Rippin looks at the situation regarding parking in Ferry Lane as lots of anglers are getting parking tickets.

Final bills have been received from H. Withers re B.A.N.E.S for Education Centre.

L.Swift suggested we should now think about obtaining new quotes for education centre as the old quotes included the piling work which has now been completed.

A.Gilbert asked about funding for the education centre and stated that when the Hunstrete complex was developed lottery funding was obtained which took a long period of time to sort out. It was stated that there is no reason why we could not try to get more funding from the lottery and other sources for help in the building of the education centre. A sub committee is to be set up so that funding can be applied for and to get this project moving forward. J. Buckle M. Seymour L. Swift M. Sheppard N. Moore and anyone else who they think can help with this project to form committee.

M.Sheppard asked if he could start to run matches again in the winter months like he did last year with all profits from matches going to Bathampton AA. This was agreed.

J.Buckle stated that the charity match held on Withy Pool was a great success with over £600 pound raised for charity.