May Excerpts



P.Morris, D. Burnham, M. Turner, A. Gilbert, S. Knee, T. Stone, S. Bitfield, M.Seymour, S. Lovell, C. Hunt, J. Buckle, M. Sheppard, R. Bracey, N. Moore, K.Rippin.



Received and accepted from L. Swift, R. Patrick, H. Withers.


Minutes of the previous meeting were reviewed and proposed by J. Buckle seconded by C. Hunt to be agreed as a true record.


The cormorant returns have now been approved and accepted.

D.Burnham has also contacted the relevant authority regarding the shooting

licence for goosanders which will be submitted when the time comes.


It was agreed to purchase an agrilaser, a light producing instrument for scaring

birds to assist with bird control. Costing around £300.


All the tree surgery along the roadside by the garage is complete except for

one tree so there is still a little bit more work to be done. Also, as requested, a

tree on Withy Pool has been felled.


The camera at Newton Park it now fully operational.


Two new bailiffs are joining the bailiffs section – Ben Fry and Michael Perry – to

bailiff lower canal from Sydney Gardens up to Bathampton also they will be

covering Newbridge.


Bridge Pool fish deaths have slowed down to virtually none, just the odd one or

two fish turning up


Stated that the crowd funding project was disappointing and resulted in only

raising around £2000.


Bridge Pool road has been repaired temporarily but in the future it will need to

be done again opting for a more permanent solution.


A work party were at box brook over the weekend and a good job was done

clearing swims etc.


The disabled Parking signs on Bridge Pool have been taken down. Parking is

for Bridge Pool only, not the Main Lake.


The new web site is ready to go live. M .Seymour (web admin) suggested we go

live on Friday 13th May – all agreed.


R.Mead has asked permission to run a charity match in aid of the Heart

Foundation on Withy Pool. It was Agreed.


Chris Goodman representing residents from the Leonard Cheshire Home at

Timsbury made contact requesting four dates to attend Hunstrete. These have

now been agreed.


The chairman thanked everyone who attended the maintenance day at



Life lines at Hunstrete to be inspected regarding replacement.


Some of the signs on the canal have gone missing. R. Patrick to



The male swan has died at Hunstrete.


Work to commence soon at Newton Park to replace college side steps.


Reported that Bridge Pool is now fishing well again.


Suggested that the keepnet ban be lifted but impose a condition that all nets are

removed between 12 mid day and one o’clock. This was agreed by those present

as a good idea that will ensure fish are not retained too long. This does not apply

to matches.


Final attempts to remove large carp from Bridge Pool delayed now until Autumn.


The tree in the lake at Newton Park has been removed.


There was a good attendance for the first coaching session in April (11 juniors).


Thanks given to M. Sheppard for cleaning out the coaching container.


One of the juniors that S. Lovell has been working with has made selection for

the England squad.


The initial piling work for the Education centre is now planned and should

commence in late May which will satisfy planning consent.

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