Carp Fishing on Withy Pool Notice

Carp Fishing on Withy PoolWithy Pool Hunstrete

Will members please note the following in an effort to "keep the peace" at Withy Pool.

The carp population has been increased with a view to making the Withy Pool a popular venue for fishing for carp and this will mean more "rods on pods".

However, it has already become apparent that some common sense needs to be applied with regards to how members should approach fishing "on the lead" on Withy.

There are already rules in place for Withy Pool that state:

1) Rods must not be left unattended.There is a club rule and an Environment Agency rule regarding this and members have already received bans for unattended rods.

2) No bank sticks are allowed outside the peg and all rods must be fished from the peg being used.

With regards to casting leads out, the following is requested from members to avoid confrontation with other members.
1) Casting should be out from the peg in as straight a line as possible

2) No casting past half way where there are pegs opposite

Your cooperation is appreciated.