Hello to all the members of the Association and it is hoped you are all well and coping with these extraordinary, difficult, and for some, extremely sad times.

There is absolutely no doubt that everyone is missing the freedom to go fishing and many other normal pursuits that currently are off limits – the barber shop for one!

There is of course a drop in revenue to the Association as none is now being received from the sale of day tickets and memberships since the lock-down.

Unfortunately, there is nothing that can offset this loss, although applications for financial assistance have been pursued but nothing has been successful. This is hardly surprising as there are many others seeking financial help just to live and try and keep their businesses together.

It is extremely unlikely that any portion of the rents paid for BAA fishing rights will be recoverable and the normal bills will still have to be paid, such as the annual dam inspection, any tree surgery, materials for the upkeep of the complex and all the other costs that are listed in the AGM agenda.

Many of these costs have already been paid for this year.

Perhaps the following may be considered.

The Association is not a business and all revenue goes back into the costs of running the Hunstrete complex, rents for other waters and all other costs.

The cost of membership is kept as low as considered possible and the annual adult membership of £40

equates to just under 11 pence per day.

The day tickets are very reasonably priced. During this lock-down, the stock at Hunstrete is being fed, (as recommended by the EA) and this cost is being met by the Association.

The Association fisheries contain some of the best fishing around and fishing locally saves members time and fuel costs.


Taking these points into consideration the Association is hopeful that members understand the costs that will still have to be met for the Association to continue, and will take the 11 pence per day

“on the chin” to show their support.