Dredging sections of the Kennet and Avon Canal

Dredging sections of the Kennet and Avon Canal

The site set up at the off load point is spacious and all of the staff have been appropriately briefed to minimise the associated risks. Additional signs have been posted along the towpath to remind the public to maintain social distance, especially at the lock sides when the plant is passing through. As far as I have seen, everyone is being very sensible and courteous.
Fish were removed from the lock flight on 22nd / 23rd May to minimise the risk of harm during the dredging. The fisheries contractors advised that over 1,000lb of fish including eel up to 2lb, carp to 9lb and pike up to 4lb, were transferred upstream. The fish rescue was featured on regional TV and radio.
Dredging started at Weston Lock on Tuesday 26th May. A large sand bank had built up at the lock tail and approx. 330 tons were removed.
Dredging has been completed in the first two pounds (Lock 7 to Deep Lock, Deep Lock to Lock 10). The dredger is currently just downstream of Lock 11, which means that the team are on the forecast schedule.
The total volumes dredged to date are 25% above our initial estimate, so we will watch closely for the trend as this could affect the final costs.
The sediments are being screened to segregate any debris before being spread in the field at the A36 / A4 turnpike at Newbridge.

The works are scheduled to continue through to mid-July.

Dredging in progress below Weston Lock

Dredging in progress between Lock 10 and Lock 11

Silt being screened and transferred to spreader