Notice to BAA Members

Notice to BAA members

The Hunstrete complex will operate as normal from the 8th of June and the booking system will be discontinued from then on.

Please be advised that you will post your ticket in the box as normal and that hand sanitiser is available on entry to the complex for your personal use.

Please adhere to the two metre government ruling which is currently in effect and if any new rulings come into being these will also be applied at the complex.

Please stay on your pegs when fishing and any sharing of tackle across pegs is not permitted.

You must be in possession of a suitable landing net and mat for your own personal use and please remember to dip all relevant tackle before fishing.

Keepnets are allowed but must not be used between 1pm and 2 pm and must be empty and out of the water during this period.

Those arriving early are requested to turn engines off if they have to wait for the gate to open and not to have radios playing et cetera. We do have neighbours and we should respect their peace and quiet.

Guests from the same household are permitted.

Please do not visit the complex unless you are fishing.

Also for the time being the toilet is still out of bounds.